Sunday, June 2, 2013

People on Postcards

Hello again , here I am with the first update for June. My cards today will all show people on them , a little different from most cards, which show places. My Lovely Teena thinks these People cards are more interesting. Today's cards come from China, Germany, Netherlands, Taiwan and the United States. Let's start with China.

This card is entitled Tibetan Folklore. Llu sent this card and wrote that there are more than 3 million Tibetans living in Qinghai- or the Tibet Plateau, often known as the roof of the world. 

Llu used 2 flower (Roses) stamp that were issued back in 1997. They were a joint issue with New Zealand.

Card # 2 is a Paul Ratcliffe picture of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. She needs no introduction, as she has been on the throne over 60 years.

Kerstin , who lives in Germany sent this card along. She wrote that she picked the card up while visiting her daughter in  London.  She used the 2011 Regensburg stamp , a joint issue with Japan.

My next card comes from the Netherlands.It is entitled Unknown Tattooed Woman, 1950s.

Sari who hails from Deventer used 2 stamps from 1997 along with a
semi-postal stamp featuring a flying snowman.

Yi-Ning of Taiwan sent my next card. It is of a Taroko Tribe Lady. There are more than 20,000 Taroko Tribe members. Facial tattooing was once an important cultural practice.  Among women, these tattoos were  complex and included one or more lines on the forehead and a continuous patterned arc around the mouth and across both cheeks, and were thought to enhance feminine beauty. However, these tattoos did not have just an esthetic purpose. They were also a symbol of entry into adulthood and eligibility for marriage and the special pass needed to join the ancestral spirits after death. To qualify to receive a facial tattoo, a woman had to be a  skilled weaver.

Yi-Ning used 2 stamps on her card, but I wasn't able to
 locate any info on them.

Today's last card comes from green Bay, Wisconsin, USA.It shows a picture from around 1900 , the photographer of which , remains unidentified. The gentleman appears to be standing on a Pennsylvania Lines train car , directly behind a sign reading "I Don't Know Where I'm Goin But I'm On My Way ".
    Diana used the now very common Global Forever stamp issued earlier this year.

And , so ends another update. Thanks go to Llu, Kerstin, Sari, Yi-Ning and Diana for their cards. As I often say, I can't do this without cards. Remember your comments are welcome, good, bad or ugly. 

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