Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cards From Other Postcarders --- Part 1

Hello again, here I am back with another bunch of postcards. All these cards are from other postcarders, postcard bloggers and postcard collectors. I guess the one thing they and I have in common is that we all love postcards, sending and receiving.

My first card for today comes from Spain. It comes from Fabienne and she and I have swapped cards a number of times. I know she loves and collects UNESCO WHS postcards and she knows  I  like Aircraft & Airline cards and aviation related stamps. This card shows an Iberia Spanish Aiways DC-9 aircraft. DC-9s saw a lot of service with a lot of airlines over the years.
Fabienne has a great blog about her World Heritage Site postcards . You can find it here . Fabiene used a number of great avaiation related stamps on her card. The left stamp and the center stamp are 2 of 4 in a 2001 souvenir sheet. They commemorate the 75th anniversary of a number of  first flights from Spain . The stamp on the right was issued this year and commemorates the centenary of aviation in the Canary Islands. 

Card # 2 is from Johan  and his card gives us a look at at the Dijver , a stream and a street in the historic center of Brugge. And that reminds me of  the 2008 movie, "In Bruges ", it was just a great one . Who can forget it ? 
Johan's card is postmarked in Brussels  on May 13, 2013 , the First Day of Issue of the 2 stamps that are used. They commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Verdi and Wagner. 

Oh yes, here's the 2 stamps that I mentioned above. 

Be sure to check out Johan's postcard blog here

Now we have a card from Turkey. It is a look at the Alanya Lighthouse, built in 1880 .

Leslie used a couple of new 2013 stamps. The one on the left shows the high sped train the runs between Ankara and Eskisehir.  The other stamp marks the 150th anniversary of Turkish stamps. It is 1 in a m/sheet of 4.  Leslie, too, has a postcard blog. You can find her here.

Let's have a look at another new addition to my Aircraft/Airlines on Postcards collection. This one is an Air Zimbabwe Boeing 707on the tarmac in Harare. Note the quite old livery on this aircraft . Air Zimbabwe operated this aircraft on its London route among others. Of note is the quite old livery on this aircraft.

Bruce from South Africa sent this card along and used a 2012 stamp from a set of 4
issued for National Heroes.

My final card for this time comes from Sri Lanka, compliments of Ravindra. It gives us a look at a group of ladies transporting water along Udappu Beach.


Ravindra used a number of 2012 definitives along with 2 commemoratives . The one on the left celebrates the Centenary of Dharmasoko College.

Ravindra has a number of postcard and stamp blogs on the go. Here is his Light Houses on Stamps blog.

So ends part 1 of this update. Part 2 should be up and running in a day or two.

Thanks going to Ravindra, Bruce, Leslie,  Johan and Fabienne for their great cards and stamps. 

Take care,   See you next time.

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