Friday, July 27, 2012

Cards From Bloggers, Collectors, Blog Readers and Travellers

Hello again, it's definitely time for another update. Today's cards are from as the title above says, bloggers, postcard collectors, blog readers and a couple of world travellers. There will not be any official Postcrossing cards today. My online postcard friends send so many cards that it is certainly time to showcase a bunch of them. Here we go .

First up and in no particular order, but someone had to be first.
From Canada no less, comes a fine card from the National Museum of Science and Technology. It shows a Bellanca Pacemaker taking off from a frozen lake in northern Ontario. Pam from Kingston, Ontario sent this card along. We have swapped a couple of cards and she always sends great cards with great stamps. She's a great card swapper. Pam used 2 stamps. The one on the right is a bit old, it was issued in 1983, 1 of 4 Locomotives stamps. The other stamp is quite new, it was issued on June 8th of this year. This stamp is a little unique, in that it was issued specially on a stamped envelope marking the 250th anniversary of the town of Torbay, N.L. It was only when I received Pam's card that I found out the stamp was available in panes of 20 and 40, without the commemorative envelope. I think that this stamp will be missing from most collections as it is not considered a stamp in the 2012 Canada stamp Program. Canada Post says it is not a new stamp but is considered as an official Canada Post product . Sounds like official jargon to me. It's a stamp if it moves the mail and in this case , that's exactly what it did. So in my book, and my stamp album, it's a stamp. It's one I'm glad to have received actually as I lived for 10 years in little , historical Torbay. Thanks to Pam, I'm now awaiting a small supply of Torbay stamps.

Here's a card from another swapper, JT from Wisconsin, U.S.A. The card gives us a look at the small post office in Glen Haven, WI. Glen Haven is a sleepy little town in the coulee country of Wisconsin, along the Mississippi River. JT used a number of stamps including 2 from the Legends of the West sheet of 20 issued in 1994. Thank you JT.

Now for a card from the always travelling Jean Pierre and it comes from Bermuda. The beautiful Southampton Princess Hotel is front and center on this one. Brings back memories of our visit to Bermuda about 20 years ago. The beach around this hotel was quite spectacular. The stamps on this one include a 2003 definitive from a set of 6 Shell issues and 1 of 4 in a 2010 issue of African Diaspora. Thanks Jean Pierre.

A card from Johan of Belgium is next. Johan and I have swapped a few cards these past years. He has a blog called Johan Postcards and you can find it here. Johan's card shows the entrance of Porta Nova going into Colle di Val dÉlsa, a town of about 21,000 in Tuscany, Italy. It is know internationally as a producer of crystal glassware, about 15% of the world's production. I certainly hope that Johan enjoyed his vacation in the Tuscany region, I know I would. Let's look at the stamps that Johan used. On the left is a 2002 definitive , 1 of a set of 10. On the right is another definitive from 2009, 1 of 4 in a set. Thanks Johan.

Here we go with another card from Pam in Kingston. Like I mentioned earlier, she sends great cards and this in another one. It's the World's Largest Weather Vane, located at the Transportation Museum in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. This old Canadian Pacific Airlines DC-3 can be found at the Erik Nielson Whitehorse International Airport. Pivoting on a finely balanced mount, this unique weather vane requires less than 5 knots of wind to turn. Pam used a new 2012 stamp commemorating the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The stamp features a double-scull boat. Thanks again Pam.

Now the final card for this time comes from South Africa. Bruce sent it along and on it we seen a few scenes of Jan Smuts Airport in Johannesburg. The airport was opened in 1947 by Field Marshall Montgomery of Alamein . Bruce thinks the pictures on this cards are from the mid 1980s. Jan Smuts Airport has been completely revamped and renamed since then, it is now OR Tambo International. Bruce used a 2012 International Small Letter rate stamp from a sheet of 10 different stamps celebrating the 100 years of George Pemba's birth. Thanks Bruce.

Before I sign off today, I leave you with this . I know that when My Lovely Teena reads this update, she will get a little kick out of my reference to Field Marshall Montgomery. It seems that whenever his name comes up, ( which isn't often I grant you ) I always mention to Teena about the time the Field Marshall visited my high school, Grand Falls Academy. I don't think she really believes he visited G.F.A. , but it is true, I was there. Just thought I'd mention that one.

Oh yes, one more thing before I go. As you all know I started out on this postcard thing, hoping to receive a stamped postcard from every stamp issuing entity in the world. I am getting there, I am close, with just 16 or 17 places left. Well, last week when I was back east in Newfoundland, i thought this would be neat. I now want a stamped postcard from every town ( at least those with postal service ) in my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Another big task, I'm sure. Currently I have just 3, Grand Falls, Dildo, and St. John's. I do believe 2 more are on the way, St. Anthony and Flatrock. So come on all you Newfoundlanders reading this , drop a postcard in the mail to me from your town. My address can be found over on the far left.

That's it for this time. Thanks to all for their cards. Leave a comment if you want, it lets me know someone is out there. Take care.


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