Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some Great Cards and Postcrossing News

I'm back again. Back on the blog and also back from a week in Newfoundland and Labrador. Yes, I skipped out on the 100th Calgary Stampede to attend the 28th Exploits Valley Salmon Festival in my hometown of Grand Falls. My lovely Teena and I had a really great time, saw a lot of family and took in a couple of wonderful BBQ's. The town of 13,700 comes alive with between 25,000 and 30,000 visitors for the main event concert . This year it included Cheap Trick, Uncle Kracker and Aerosmith.

Eight postcards were waiting in the mailbox when I arrived back . None of which you will see here this update. I have others that arrived before I went. Got to get those on the go first.

Oh yes, Postcrossing. Just want to congratulate Postcrossing on their 7th Anniversary on July 14th. In those 7 years more than 12,000,000 postcards have been received by the 334,719 members in 207 countries. I have been a member for over 6 years ( 2323 days ) and have received 1413 postcards from my participation in Postcrossing. Congrats Postcrossing. Check it out at www.postcrossing.com .

Now for a few cards.

First up is this card from The Netherlands, showing a pretty spiffy car. Not quite sure exactly what it is but she looks good and I'm sure it can go. A Dutch Postcrosser sent this card and used 2 stamps from a 2011 Child Welfare souvenir sheet of 6 different stamps. Note the rare socked-on-the-nose cancellation. You don't see many these days, certainly not on mail here in Canada.

Card # 2 is an old maximum card from Transkei sent from South Africa. The maximum card is dated July 20, 1989 and shows a large bunch of mussels. The 1989 Transkei stamp is from a set of 4 , all featuring Food From The Sea. Transkei stamps were issued from 1976 until 1994. Funny thing though is that I know of another postcard on another blog that was postmarked Umtata on 30 Jan 2012 using only 4 Transkei stamps. No other supporting postage. To make the best of it, Umtata was renamed Mthatha in March 2004. I wouldn't mind finding one like that in my mail box. Now, getting back to the postcard- The 2010 South African stamp is the one that did all the work in getting the card to Canada. The mussels bring back memories from The Salmon Festival I mentioned earlier. At the Salmon Festival Dinner, there was an appetizer of all -you -could-eat -mussels. So I ate all I could.

Here's another card, this one from Belize. You don't see many from Belize so when you receive one you really appreciate it. This one gives a few sights around Belize City. David used 2 stamps including a Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee stamp from a 2012 m/s of 6 values. The second stamp appears to be a locally overprinted stamp. The stamp was originally issued in 2005 , 1 of a set of 12 definitives . It was the 10c value. My stamp was overprinted in February and is now a 25c value.

Next up is a rather unusual view of a Lufthansa Airbus A330-300 at Frankfurt Airport. Unusual at least for most passengers and the public. It's a view I have had hundreds of times, not of the Airbus A330, of course, but of a Boeing 737.
Meredith posted this card from Como Post office in Saint Paul , Minnesota. She used a George Washington stamp from 2011 and a butterfly stamp from 2012.

Morocco is next. The postcard is of the port of Essaouira in south western Morocco. Fishing is an important way of life in the city of about 70,000, as evidenced by all the fishing boats. Also, from the picture on the card, the color blue looks to be important with all the boats painted blue. Makes for a nice picture though. Jean Pierre used a 2011 stamp from a Red Cross booklet of 10.
I think I'll call it a day here , I had a couple more cards ready to go but 5 is a good number to end on. Enjoy the cards and take care.

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