Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Call For 2011

I'm back with what is the last update for year 2011. I realize the New Year has arrived in some places around the world, but it's still 2011 here in Canada, so here is a final posting for this year. Cards for this time are from The Netherlands, Finland, U.S.A., and 2 from Australia. Let's do them in that order so we start with The Netherlands.

Jessica sent this card but what it is of or where it is , I know not. The card has nothing written about the picture on the front, anywhere on the card. Perhaps some reader will recognize the picture and leave a comment. The card arrived with 3 nice stamps, which is rare from The Netherlands. There I've said it , stamp collectors know what I mean. Two of the stamps on the card are from a 2005 sheet of 10 different issued for 50 Years of World Press Photos.The 3rd stamp is a semi-postal issue. Thanks Jessica for these great stamps and the card, of course.

Elk, Moose take your pick. This card , from Finland, says Elk and I say Moose. In North America we call them moose, in Europe, I guess it's elk. Whatever you call them , they are quite majestic when you come across one. The Postcrosser that sent this card used a timely stamp, a hockey stamp. The 2012 IIHF World Junior Championship is currently underway in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The stamp wasn't issued for this championship, but for the 2011 World Hockey Championship, held in Slovakia. The stamp shows Finland hockey hero Mikael Granlund scoring his beautiful lacrosse-style goal during Finland's 3-0 semifinal victory against Russia. While skating behind the net- Granlund scooped up the puck with the blade of his stick and shoveled it into the top corner of the net over the right shoulder of Russian goalie Konstantin Barulin. It was a classic goal, all the other players appear to stand around and wonder just what happened. If you have a chance check it out on YouTube, it's worth it.

The U.S.A. card comes from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The city is nestled between the towering Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande Valley. I don't know a lot about Albuquerque, but I do know this nugget of fact. We used to have a minor league, Triple A baseball club, The Calgary Cannons, play here, up until 2003. That year they moved to Albuquerque and became The Albuquerque Isotopes. I still miss The Cannons and Triple A ball . Erin used a 2004 Navajo Jewelry stamp and a 2009 Zion National Park stamp.

The next and final cards for today and year 2011 both come from Australia. One from Sydney and one from Melbourne. Here's the Sydney one- showing the million dollar view of the city, at least according to the card. It is a cool view , though. Paul used the dingo stamp from the set of 5 Jungle Babies issue of 2011.Here's the Melbourne card. It's a look at a well known landmark in Melbourne, Flinders Street Station , a hub of the city's metropolitan rail network. Joanne also used the dingo stamp, so just look up and there it is.

So ends another blog entry, the last one for this week, this month and this year. Thanks to all who sent these cards.Thanks also to everyone all year who sent cards, a total of 552 for the year including 12 new countries. Now on behalf of me and GemsWorldPostcards I want to wish you all, my readers , a Happy New Year . I hope you all get what you want and want what you get during the year.

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