Monday, April 18, 2011

Valentina's Cards and Dale's Cards

It's Monday morning and time for another postcard update. Time to showcase some of those cards that arrived while I was away. I have 6 cards for this entry but they only come from 2 people in 2 countries. At least that is the plan at the moment, but I may add another card or two if time and mind permits.

I have before me 4 cards from Russia and 2 cards from Brazil . Lets do Russia first.
Card # 1 - On this card we see a fine picture of Elektrozavodskaya, a Moscow Metro Station on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line. Opened on 15 May 1944, it is named after a nearby electric light bulb factory. This station is thought to be one of the most spectacular and better known stations on the line.Now for the back of the card. Nothing but airplane stamps. Perfect ! All will be great additions to my aircraft on stamps topical collection. The top four aircraft stamps are from a 2005 souvenir sheet of 5 featuring military planes. The souvenir sheet included 5 stamps and the label of a gentleman which you also can see at the top. I may be going out on a limb here but I believe him to be either the designer or builder of these aircraft. The helicopter stamp at the bottom was issued in 2008 and is from a set of 2 .

Card # 2 - Here we have a Russian styled building. Which one or of what , I know not. The information about it had to be covered in order to add all the wonderful stamps on the reverse. That's a good price to pay , though. Perhaps one of my readers will elaborate on the building by leaving a comment.
Now turning it over , here are the stamps. What can I say, more great aircraft stamps. This time from a 2006 souvenir sheet honoring O.K. Antonov. Him , I am familiar with , having seen some of his planes, The Antonov's , over the years. Included on the souvenir sheet, in the selvage and not part of the postage is a great picture of a modern 4 engine Antonov jet.

Card # 3 - This time the card shows us a 1896 reproduction of a photo of a Russian gentleman standing next to a cart. Whether he is a postman, a delivery man or even a chauffeur, your guest is as good as mine. A nice card though.
And yet again, on the reverse more airplane stamps. This time 4 of 5 from a 2006 souvenir sheet featuring Yakovlov aircraft. Again, I am somewhat familiar with The Yak aircraft Corporation. The bottom helicopter stamp is the second from the earlier mentioned set of 2 from 2008.
Now the final Russian card, card # 4- On this card we can see a blue Russian post box and one well used bulletin board. I can't say if this is a current type of box or an earlier, older model.
I can say yhough that on the back are some more great Russian stamps. No, not airplane stamps this time. Lighthouse stamps , so I know they will appeal to some of you. The one on the right, the one in the middle and the one on the bottom all show paintings of Russian lighthouse and are from a 2006 set of 3. The other stamp is a 2008 Europa stamp featuring 'the letter'. This time I left the great comment about my blog for all to see, there it is on the top of the card. That's it for Russian cards and Russian stamps this time . A wonderful collection of stamps . The 4 cards are from Valentina, who has contributed to this blog and my collection before. She continues to send good cards and good stamps.

Next are the 2 cards from Brazil sent by my brother , Dale who recently spent 2 weeks in that country. The first shows us a picture of Alberto Santos-Dumont ( July 20, 1873-July 23, 1932).
We also see his airplane, the 14-bis and a picture of his home in Petropolis, now a museum. Petropolis , also known as The Imperial City of Brazil is about 65 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro. Santos-Dumont made the first European public flight of an airplane on October 23, 1906. Designated 14-bis or Oiseau de proie (French for "bird of prey"), the flying machine was the first fixed-wing aircraft witnessed by the European press and French aviation authorities to take off and successfully fly. Santos-Dumont is considered the "Father of Aviation" in Brazil, his native country. Dale used a great 2006 Christmas souvenir sheet of 3 to send this card on its way.
Dale's second card comes from Penedo, Brazil , a city 170 km from Rio with a population of around 45,000. Originally started as a Finnish colony in the early 20th century, Penedo has grown into a vacation resort that embraces all things non-Brazilian. In the more developed lower section of town, you’ll find tourist traps capitalizing on the region’s European heritage mixed in with authentic Old World influences.It has been inhabited by Finn immigrants since 1929. It is the only colony of this nationality in Brazil. The card gives us a look at Pequena Finlandia, a cultural theme park, the Santa Claus House in Penedo - Small Finland.
Dale used 2 stamps , one from 2009 on the left issued for the 100th anniversary of Sport Club International and a 2002 stamp from a set of 10 featuring musical instruments.
I think that will do for today. Six cards is my usual limit anyway. Thanks again to Valentina and Dale. Check back again tomorrow, I'll try and get another update in then. Take care.

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Leslie said...

Great cards! I am pretty sure the second one from Russia shows the wooden churches of Kizhi. It's a UNESCO site.