Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Few Cards From Postcard Friends

Hello again. First , let me thank Leslie for the info she left on my last update with regard to the building on one of the cards from Russia. Thanks Leslie.
Now for today I have 5 cards. They come from people I have swapped cards with or just people that want to send me a card. Either way I enjoy the cards and thank them all.Today's cards are from Turkey, Reunion, Mauritius, Slovenia and Singapore.

Let's get right to the card from Turkey. The picture is a reproduction of a painting entitled Maiden's Tower by Sehnaz Bayan. It shows Kiz Kulesi Lighthouse , located on a small island at the end of the Bosphorus near Istanbul. This tower was erected by Byzantine Emperor Manuel Komnenos, and it served as a prison for a time. It was used as a lighthouse for part of its history, and is the oldest lighthouse in Istanbul. Now it serves as a museum and restaurant. Leslie who has a postcard blog called 'the postcard blog" sent this card along basically for no other reason than to use the nice train stamp that she used. And I thank her for that. Of course Leslie and I have swapped cards many times , and it will be great if we can continue. The train stamp is from a set of 2 Railways stamps issued in 2010. It is actually a semi-postal stamp , but what the extra 10 Kurus was collected for, I don't know.

Today's second card is from Reunion in the Indian Ocean and was sent by that intrepid traveler David , back on March 31st. David sent his greetings and this card from the village of Hell-Bourg. A view of the village is shown on the card. Since Reunion is an overseas department of France, David had to use French stamps. We can see a number of Marianne definitives along with 1 of 2 stamps from a 2010 souvenir sheet honoring Sandro Botticelli.

Card # 3 comes from Mauritius. It gives us a view of Ile aux Cerfs. Known in English as the deer island it is an island near the east coast of Mauritius in the Flacq district. This paradise island of Mauritius is around 100 hectares of land. Nowadays there are no more deer on the island, but you will find there some of the worlds beautiful beaches and as such it is one of the must places to visit and see in Mauritius. Ile Aux Cerfs is famous for its sandy beaches and beautiful lagoon.
David from Port-Louis sent this card and he has a postcard blog called "Mauritian Philatelic Blog "David used two copies of a 2010 stamp celebrating the Bicentenary of the British conquest of Isle De France in 1810.

Now for a card from Slovenia and in particular Lipica. Located in southwestern Slovenia it is well known for the "Lipizzan or Lipizzaner ",a breed of horse. Lipizzans are born dark, either Bay or Black ) and become lighter each year as the graying process takes place. This card is from Sonja , who has swapped with me before. Two flower definitives from a set of 17 issued in 2007 and a Costumes stamp from 2011 can be seen.

Final card for this time comes from The Singapore Philatelic Museum, Singapore. For a few years now they have held a postcard exhibition and if you send them a postcard to exhibit, they send you one back. This year they are themed around rabbits. I sent them a rabbit card and this is what I received back form them. They used a nice 2007 bird stamp showing the Stork-billed Kingfisher.

That is all for this time. Thanks go to Leslie, David L, Davis O, Sonja and The Singapore Philatelic Museum.

I still have lots of cards to work with, so another update should be soon.
Thanks for tuning in , enjoy your postcards .


Trevor said...

Great update, Glenn!

I visited the Singapore Philatelic Museum a couple of years ago. Wonderful spot! Great exhibits, great shop. Too bad there aren't more places like that around!

fermina daza said...

that extra 10 kuruş on the turkish stamp goes to charity, they do that sometimes.

greetings from ankara, turkey :)

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