Monday, May 24, 2010

No Mail Today, It's Victoria Day

Today , May 24th , is observed as a National Holiday in Canada. It is Victoria Day, and as such there is no mail delivery. However since I received many cards while I was away , I have no problem finding a few postcards to blog about. I will be looking at 2 aircraft on postcards and 2 others.Alaska is where our first card comes from. It is a card showing a float plane flying by Misty Fjords. Misty Fjords National Monument is a protected area on the Pacific Ocean coast of southeastern Alaska. It covers 2,294,343 acres. It is often called The Yosemite of The North. Kris of postcardkris fame sent this card along. He knows that I like aircraft on postcards cards and has sent along a number of them over the last while. Kris used a 2006 Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina/Tennessee stamp. I have shown this stamp before, so no image today. Thanks Kris.

The second aircraft on card postcard shows a Canadian Airlines International B747 on the ramp at sunset. The paint scheme or livery was altered to include the names of well over 1000 employees of the airline. Sadly , Canadian no longer flies but take my word for it, it was a Great airline. I worked for 5 different airlines over the years but Canadian was the best and its employees were the best. My lovely Teena knows how much I enjoyed that part of my career and came across this card and sent it through the mail to me. Thanks Teena. The stamp on the card is a 2010 Vancouver Olympic stamp showing cross country skiers.
Our next card is from The Vatican . It shows The Gallery of Maps in The Vatican Museum. The gallery is a collection of topographical maps of the whole of Italy, painted on the walls by friar Ignazio Danti. The gallery was commissioned in 1580 and took three years to complete. Jerry and Bev , friends of mine, who were traveling in the area in April sent this card. The Vatican stamp is from 1 set of 3 issued in 2009 for a IFLA conference. Thanks guys.

Finally, the last card is from Israel. It shows the women's section of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The card is from Postcrosser Juri, who used 3 stamps, the most interesting of which is the top stamp. It is i of 3 issued in 2004 for the Athens Olympic Games.
That is today's update ,take care.

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