Friday, May 21, 2010

Five Postcards

Here I am again with a number of cards that arrived mostly while I was away. There was no particular reason for choosing these other than they were in the pile. First up is a card from Burundi. The card shows the Livingstone - Stanley Monument at Mugere, 15 km south of the Burundi capital of Bujumbura. It marks a location where Dr David Livingstone and Henry Stanley spent 2 nights on 25-27 November 1871. However, it is not the spot where Stanley uttered the famous words "Dr Livingstone, I presume ? ". Scratched into the rock can be seen
The card is from Rosel, a fellow Canadian from Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. She is in Burundi doing missionary word with her family and has a blog of their work at . The beautiful Bird stamp is from 2009 and shows a vulture.
The next card is from Germany. Is shows a circle of United Buddy Bears. They are scattered all over Bear-lin. They are a series of painted life-size fibreglass bear sculptures developed in Berlin that help promote tolerance and understanding among different nations, cultures and religions. The card was sent by SR , a fellow Postcrosser.

Now for a nice animal card from Kenya. It is a pair of African Lions. Bhavin, a reader of this blog, sent the card along. He used a number of stamps including 3 bird stamps from a set of 13 different definitives issued in 1993. Also shown is a hexagon shaped stamp from 2009 commemorating 100 years of the East Africa Natural History Society.

Italy is the origin of our next card. The Cathedral in Milan card was sent along by another Postcrosser. This building took 5 centuries to complete and is the fourth largest church in the world. The real reason to show this card is that I wanted to show the value of the postage used. 0.02e seems quite low to me. It is the equivalent of .026 Canadian cents. I don't know about postal rates in Italy or Europe but from Canada it takes 170 Canadian cents to post a postcard internationally. That's $1.70 CAD. Considering how many postcards I send, I just wish I could send them off with a couple of cents postage, but I know they would just end up in the dead letter office somewhere.

Finally , a card from the Philippines. The card shows a popular, traditional game called palosebo. The goal of the game is to climb the heavily greased bamboo pole for the prize sitting on the top. ZJB, the Postcrosser who sent the card wrote that most of the time pig fat is used on the pole. The stamp on the left is from 2010 and shows a pheepoy or postman. The other two are from a 2009 bird set of 40 .
As they say in the movies, " that's all folks". Hope you enjoyed this update and that you check in again soon. Take care, and comments if you please.


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