Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three Interesting Postcards

I have just three postcards for today. They come from France, Cape Verde and Jamaica. What makes them interesting, as mentioned in the title, is a number of things , that will become evident if you keep reading.

Let's look at the card from France first. It is a rather longer card than normal, but in this case the length is used to perfection. It shows a pedestrian bridge across The River Seine. Even though I have never been to Paris, I believe it to be Pont des Arts. The card is a surprise , which I was not expecting. It was sent by Jean Pierre Maleret, whom I can only think must have happened upon this blog. I have seen other cards that he has sent to other postcard bloggers and I must admit , he sends cards from great places. I often wondered how he accomplished this. I am certainly glad now to be included on his list. He mentioned that I can expect other cards through his doing. I have forwarded a thank you card from Alberta, the first of many that I will send him. Jean Pierre posted this card from L 'Adresse Musee de La Poste in Paris. The stamp is a 2009 commemorative honoring Francisco Miranda, a joint issue with Venezuela. Thanks Jean Pierre.

My next card also arrived as a surprise. It is from Cape Verde and was sent by Iolanda. I usually have some idea on the sender of most cards. But for the life of me, I can't recall any contact with Iolanda , who lives on Santiago Island . If this is a mistake on my part, I certainly apologize , but I do thank her for the card. The card shows a house in Cidade Velha , the oldest settlement in Cape Verde and according to Iolanda, the first city in Africa. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. The stamp is from 2009 and honors the bi-centenary of the birth of Louis Braille. It is one of a set of four issued in 2009 for Braille.

The last card today is from Jamaica. It shows a scene from rural Jamaica, pickney bath time. That means bathing the baby. The card is from my lovely Teena. She sends me a card every time we go away and our recent trip to Jamaica was no exception. Thanks Teena. A stamp from 2008 was used and it is one of a set of 6 definitives highlighting the architecture of different building in Jamaica.

I think that's all for today. I should be back here tomorrow. See you then.

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