Monday, March 1, 2010

The End of The Olympics, A New Month and a Few Cards

It's March, a new month and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games are over. I guess this blog will be updated a little more often this month , what with no Olympics . The Games were just great . The USA won more medals than any other country, as expected. Canada, though, won more Gold medals than any country, 14 , and that is more than any other country ever did in the history of the Winter Games. Canada's total medal count was 26 , more than we ever won before in the Winter Games. Of course , being Canadian, we take our hockey seriously , so taking Gold in Women's Hockey and Gold in Men's Hockey, both over the USA , was the topping on the cake. I guess the Universe unfolded as it should. I may later in the week show a few of the latest Olympic stamps that Canada Post recently issued.

With it being March, it's time for my monthly postcard report. I received a total of just 18 postcards in February . I guess a short month does make a difference. Of those 18, 15 were through Postcrossing. I mailed out 28 cards and 16 of those went to Postcrossers. I received cards from 2 new countries during the month.

Now for a few postcards. First up are 2 cards from Pittsburgh, with 2 totally different views of the city. Both cards are from Bonnie Jeanne of .Check it out , it's a great site and maybe you'll be able to help her out with her project. I actually don't receive many cards from the US , so when it happens its a great chance to see a few of their recent commemoratives, like those Bonnie used on her cards.

Next is a card from Japan. It is from a PostCrosser named Yui and the card shows a number of birds in flight and swimming. Have a look at the stamp , but unfortunately , I didn't find anything about it in the resources that I have.

Ukraine is next. The card, also from a PostCrosser , is showing some ancient or old building, fort or walled area. I can't read the wording so I can't tell you . But, I can tell about the stamp. It is from 2006, is a definitive and is of a series showing flowers. Hats off to the Ukraine Postal Service. That's the way all postmarks should be. Most , and from most of the world are quite unreadable.

The last card today is from The Netherlands. Sent by Laurie, it shows The Peace Palace in The Hague. I leave the stamps to themselves.

That's the update for today. See you soon. Comments ?


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Leslie said...

The Ukrainian card just says "Kamyanets-Podilsky", in Ukrainian, Polish, and English. It is the name of both the city and the castle shown on the card.

And yes, that's a really impressive postmark!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm a postcrosser from Shanghai, China. Been reading your blog for a couple of months and really enjoy it! Found a web page about the Japanese stamp and wish it would be of some help: