Sunday, May 17, 2009

Covers and Stamps

Today, a little something different. Just covers and stamps. I thought that I would show the covers I received the last couple of weeks. This is my way of acknowledgement to the senders.
First is a cover from Eric C of Lyon, France. He sent a nice postcard of Lyon in this cover. Noteworthy stamps on this cover include an ATM stamp from 2008, a Lyon bridge stamp from 2008 and the Louis Braille stamp issued 2009. Thanks Eric for this really nice cover.

Now we have a cover , covered with stamps , 13 in fact, from Georgia. This was sent by Khatuna and included inside was a great , stamped and postmarked postcard and a number of aircraft on stamp stamps. Included on the cover are 2 of the 4 Beijing 2008 Olympic stamps issued by Georgia. Also included are 3 stamps issued to commemorate 1 September 2008 when 1.5 million Georgians demonstrated their patriotism and joined arms around Tbilisi in a human chain to protest recent Russian military action and partial occupation of Georgia. One of the stamps says - Georgia is ours - while another says - Georgia against the aggression -. I am certainly growing my Georgian collection thanks to Khatuna.

I received this next cover from Michael of cddstamps. It actually contained another great First Flight cover from 1958. But first the sent cover. Michael used a great Airbus A380 stamp from 2008. A great addition to my collection of airlines and aircraft on stamps. I have the stamp but Michael gets to fly on the A380.
The 1958 cover commemorates the Inaugural flight by Qantas , Round the World. On this cover are 2 beautiful Qantas Connie stamps. Thanks Michael for all this.

The final cover is from the State of Qatar. I don't really know who sent it other that the last or family name is Evangelista and it came from Doha, Qatar. The stamp on the left is from 2009 and is entitled Tears for Gaza. The larger stamp on the right was issued in 2007 and is from a set of 3 featuring Islamic holy places.

Here are the aircraft related stamps that Khatuna enclosed in her cover. Notice the great set of 2 from 2004, from Ukraine. It was a joint issue with Iran. A very nice set for my collection. Thanks Khatuna.

No mail delivery tomorrow. It is Victoria Day, a national holiday in Canada.


nnnnnn said...

Hi Glenn,, You are most welcome.. and thanks for showing it.,. any time you want to give my Aviation and Aerophilately blog a plug please do.. I'll look out some more interesting flight covers / Aircraft on stamps for you

Best wishes ...Michael

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