Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Cards

I think from the title of this posting, one can see that there is not too much to get excited about with these two cards. One is from Japan and one is from Spain. The card from Japan shows a wintry scene from Matsushima in Northern Japan. It is an area known for its natural and scenic beauty. Ranko sent this card and used seven different stamps. Most are from the 1960s and 70s.

The card from Spain shows I know not what. The interior of some building with a lot of benches. The card is unusual , not for the stamps used , but I guess for those not used. Let me explain. The sender used a 0.01e value plus a filler from a multi -sheet. 0.01e is about 1.5 Canadian cents. It actually cost $1.65 Canadian to send a postcard internationally. 0.01e is pretty cheap postage if one can get away with it. In this case , it got through. In actual fact, the postcard did not receive any postmark or cancellation. You can see this filler on the left side of the multi-sheet , which was issued for sports at the edge of the impossible in 2007.

Nothing of much consequence today. Hopfully more and better things tomorrow.


Johan. said...

Spain card shows the inside of a church.

Gabby Girl said...

I have received postcard with stamps that have not been canceled before. I am not sure why they weren't canceled - perhaps the machine just missed them or something.