Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Two Postcard Day

I always thought that receiving two postcards in the mail wasn't too bad. A few times in the past I have received 5 or 6 or 7 , even 9. Well, today I read about another postcard blogger and she received 55 postcards in yesterday's mail. That's no typo, that is indeed two fives, 55. That is so impressive, it's truly unbelievable. Her blog is called Carol Postcrossing Journey and you can read her blog at . Even though I am quite envious I have to move on to my 2 wonderful postcards. My cards are from Tallinn , Estonia and Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. First , let's do the Estonia card. It was sent by a Postcrosser and I will have more to say about Postcrossing later. The card shows Fat Margarete Tower. The tower, located in the Old Town was constructed in the early 16th century. The round tower , with 155 loopholes, a diameter of 25 meters, and a height of 20 meters, was built to protect the harbour. It got its name from the fact that it was the stoutest tower in the city wall. Through history, it has served as a storehouse for gunpowder and weapons, and as a prison. Fat Margaret Tower now houses the Estonian maritime Museum. The stamps include, left to right: a 1998 stamp featuring house upgrading, a 1994 WWF stamp from a set of 4 and a 2006 stamp featuring Lotte of Gadgetville, sometimes called Estonian children's favorite character.

The Alaska card was sent by Kris , who runs a blog called Post Card Images : 100 Years of life, Love and Mystery. You can check it out at .Kris's card is of Spectacle Reef Lighthouse, located in northern Lake Huron, Michigan. This lighthouse was the subject of a United States stamp in 1995, a set of 5 commemorating lighthouses. Kris used 2 fairly new stamps , one from 2008 showing an Albert Bierstadt painting entitled Valley of the Yosemite, painted in 1864. The other stamp is from 2009 and commemorates 50 years of Alaska statehood.

As I mentioned earlier , I want to say something about Postcrossing. Anyone , already a member of Postcrossing knows this already. Postcrossing is about top celebrate quite a milestone. As I write this , Postcrossing is just 363 postcards short of 2,000,000 postcards exchanged. That is a lot of cards and stamps going back and forth. If you like or love postcards this is the place to be. Joining Postcrossing is free and easy. Log on to and get going.If you hurry, maybe you will get the 2 millionth card. You better hurry, it's now down to 359.

That is all for today. More tomorrow.



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