Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Third Togo Card along With France

This is just a short update today. It will show the two postcards that I received on Friday. First is a card from Togo. It is my third postcard from this African nation. It was posted in Sotouboua by Nikhil Patil , a Peace Corp volunteer. Sotouboua is a prefecture and town located in the Centrale Region of Togo. The stamp that Nikhil used is from a 2007 set of 3 marking 20 years of Aids research.

The second and final card today was posted from France. The sender is a Postcrosser named Mik. Mik says the card is from France, printed in Italy and should remind me of India. I guess the tiger on the front should do that. There are 2 stamps on the front of the card. Both are from the 2008 set of 13 definitives featuring Marianne. They are quite wonderful and I think , the best Marianne stamps to date. But that's just my opinion, I'm sure there are many out there who will disagree with me here. On the back are 2 stamps from 1990. The one on the right celebrates the Centenary of Labour Day.

As I mentioned , this is a small update. Thanks for tuning in.

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Marie Reed said...


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