Friday, January 2, 2009

2009's First Postcard

My first postcard received in 2009 is from Austria. It was sent by a Postcrosser. There is not much to say about the card except that it is a Christmas card styled postcard. I think the most interesting part of the card is the lack of a postage stamp. It has a Austria Postage Paid handstamp with the value of 1.40 .I wonder what the reason for this would be. Did the post office run out of stamps ? Were they too busy to sell a stamp ? Either way, I don't particularly like it. As a collector, I think all mail should have a stamp.
Your comments on this are welcome.


Ana said...

let me put my two cents on this from a non-stamp collectors point of view :)

Ive been sending and receiving mail for over 15 years and ill be honest that i didnt use to pay much attention to the mail i was sending most of the cases i would go to the post-office, hand in the mail, pay for it, and i frankly never knew what happened with it afterwards...turns out that 90% of the time they would use such handstamps or those machine red ones..but for a 15 year old it didnt really freak me out, though i have to admit when i would have received a letter with such a 'stamp' i found it plain or ugly...
anyway...when i started with this postcrossing thing, i realized that everyone actually prefers cards with stamps on them even if they dont collect them...and i prefer the same, coz fact is, a postcard looks MUCH better with a stamp on it...and this is when i realized the core of the problem in my country...due to the lack of people who send snail-mail (and the total lack of postcard/mail culture in general) this country also has neglected the stamps issue, so whenever i go to the post office to ask for stamps, very often they dont have them, so i often have to visit several in order to get some...if i hand out the cards to the lady behind the counter, its 100% sure that they wont use stamps but such labels...even though there is a rule that all international mail MUST have stamps on thats why sometimes i get behind in sending my mail simply coz i dont have stamps nor i have where to get them...the philately is also not well equipped and they mainly keep the stamps for the philatelists (at least the ones that are available)...not to mention that there is only one in the whole town, not close to where i live and with a working schedule that doesnt suit me at basically i depend on whether ill be lucky the day i go for a stamp hunt at the post office or no :)

so, to sum it up...even though im not a stamp collector, i completely agree that all mail should have a stamp :)

sorry for the long post...turned out longer than expected :)

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