Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seven New Postcards

There are a lot of postcards to show and write about today. Today and yesterday I received 7 postcards in total. I received 2 from Germany, both sent Postcrossers. Another card was from Brazil, sent by a Postcrosser. Two other cards were also from Germany, both sent by Igor Adolph, a blogger in his own right. Another card was sent from, Berne, Switzerland. More on that card later.Finally, the last card is from Madagascar, but it is blank or not written , and arrived in an envelope.

The first card up for viewing today is the one from Berne, Switzerland. It was mailed from and postmarked at The Universal Postal Union. The UPU is an international organization that coordinates postal policies between member nations. Universal Postal Union's headquarters are located in Berne. 191 member countries make up the UPU. Switzerland issues Official stamps for use by The International Bureau of The Universal Postal Union.
The card was sent by Laurent W , who works for the UPU. He used a 2007 Switzerland Official Stamp . Interestingly, the stamp design is actually a part of the card's front design. Thanks Laurent and I will look forward to your card from The United nations in Geneva in July.

Next are two aviation themed cards that Igor sent along. They will be great additions to my aircraft on postcards collection and since both have aircraft related stamps , will be included in my aircraft on stamps stamp collection. I can't go wrong with these Igor. The Lufthansa card shows a modern airliner with its nose partly open. Looks to me like a smile. Igor used 2 great semi-postal stamps on this card. The stamp on the left shows a Do J Wal, while the one on the right shows a A380. Both were issued in 2008. They are canceled with a special aviation postmark. Unfortunately, I can't read German, so I can't say what it is about.
To Michael in Korea- If I had another copy of the A320 stamp, I would send it off to you.

The other card from Igor shows an old unidentified aircraft. It again has a nice stamp from 2002. It shows a small aircraft spelling out the word Post. Again this stamp is canceled with another special aviation postmark. Thanks Igor for these two cards.

Finally I want to show the stamps on the cover from Madagscar. They are 2 of a set of 7 issued in 2004. The set featured famous people, in this case Ranavalona II , the last queen of Madagascar from 1863-1883 and Andrianampoinimerina , King from 1787-1810. Thanks to Anni K , a nurse in Antsirabe, Madagascar for this.

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webmastermarkt said...

Hello Glenn,

Igor is writing.
The Postcard with the Lufthansa Airplane is First Day Postcard.
The day of the issue of the stamps are the Juni 12th in 2008. On the same day was a speziell fair for aircrafts in norderstedt (near Hamburg). I am so happy you find this card nice.

regards Igor