Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Bunch of Postcards : Part A

Well it was only a few days ago , back on June 12th, that I was complaining about a dearth or scarcity of postcards. That certainly is no longer the case. Since my last posting on June 16th I am happy to report 10 postcards and 1 beautiful FDC have arrived. I will be dividing today's posting into 2 parts, parts A and B.
My first card today is from Seoul , South Korea. It was sent by Michael of cddstamps. Thanks Michael. The postmark isn't very clear, so I can't tell if it was posted at the DMZ as Michael hoped.Nevertheless , I am glad to receive it. The stamps on the card are both definitives. The one on the left was issued in 2006 and shows a couple of swans, while the other stamp shows some sort of ceramic pot or vessel and was issued in 2003. Seoul is the capital of South Korea and has over 10 million people with 23 million in the metropolitan area. The North Korea border in just 50 km to the North.

My next card was sent by Postcrosser Jill. It shows The Opera House in Woodstock, Illinois. Some parts of the movie Groundhog Day were filmed in Woodstock and not Punxsutawney as one might have believed. Bill Murray's character tried to end it all by jumping from the tower of The Opera House, but of course it didn't work. Jill used 3 stamps , all definitives on this card. The stamps include the 2004 issued Chippendale Chair, the 2008 issued Pomegranate, from a set of 5 and the 2007 booklet stamp showing a flower.

I just want to show the stamps from another postcard from South Dakota, USA. It was sent to me by another Postcrosser. The stamps used are , from 2007 , the Navajo Jewelry stamp and From 2003, the American Clock stamp . Then we have two Star Wars stamps from 2007. One shows an Imperial Stormtroopper and the other shows Chewbaacca and Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford. These now make only 3 Star Wars stamps in my collection.

The final card in this Part A posting is from Thailand. It was sent by another Postcrosser, Woravich. It shows The Royal Barge Suphannahongse, gliding past the Royal Palace towards the Temple of Dawn. The Suphannahong Royal barges have been a form of Royal transport since the Sukhothai period. These barges are for the reigning monarch only. The barge is 45 meters long, 3 meters wide and weighs 15 tons. It is manned by 54 oarsmen, 2 officers and 1 flagman.
The stamp that Woravich used is a 15 Baht value definitive showing the present king of Thailand, Phumiphol.
Thanks to all for their postcards.


Parker said...

You've insulted Star Wars fans across the planet!!! That's no mere stormtrooper, but Boba Fett, the infamous bounty hunter, who transported Han Solo (frozen in carbonite) back to Jabba the Hut.

nnnnnn said...

Glenn, Hi.. was going to send you a card from Manila this past weekend.. but as you may have read the typhoon there was a bit windy so never made it to a shop to get card or stamps.. next visit