Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lots of Postcards Today

I received 6 postcards in todays mail. Three were from Belgium, two were from Kosova and one was from People's Republic of China. The Belgium cards were from Tine W of Vosselaar , Belgium. The Kosova cards were sent by Artur who lives in Prishtina, Kosova. The PR China card was sent by Zhou Fan of Fujian .The stamps on all the Belgium cards were all the same. It is a 2007 definitive issue showing a Dahlia. The first card shown is of a fort in the South of Belgium, in Namur. It shows a men's folklore group on stilts. The other card shown from Belgium shows the Saint Cornelius Chapel in Beerse. This is a municipality located in the Belgium province of Antwerp. Beerse has a population of approx 16500.

I want to show just one of the Kosova cards. It pictures again a men's folklore group dancing. The stamp on the card again is The Independence Day stamp which I blogged about previously.

The PR China card is a smaller than normal postcard. It measures 125X78 cm. It appears to be an advertising card for China Telecom or China Net. It is a pre-stamped postcard to which Zhou Fan has added 3 additional stamps. The small one near the center is a 2002 definitive highlighting the environment. It is 1 of a 4 value set. The large stamp on top left was issued in 1997 ,1 of a set of 4 featuring Literature. The bottom left stamp was issued in 1998 , 1 of 8 values in a Souvenir Sheet, featuring tropical fish and issued for a postal congress.

No new countries today, but I'm always trying for them. By my count I have 70 more to get. The battle continues.

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