Friday, November 20, 2020

Porto and Marseille

BLOG # 1484  Still in The Time of Covid

Hey, how's it going today? Not much has changed since my last blog update. We're still in the throes of covid, the numbers are increasing every day. Those vaccines can't come quick enough. 

I just have a couple of cards for today. The first one arrived from Porto, Portugal. Porto is located in the northwest of the country. It is known for its bridges and port wine production. The city's historic center was added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. 


Jean Pierre used a wonderful Aviation themed stamp marking the 75th Anniversary of TAP Air Portugal. 

Card # 2 is from France and gives us a look at the Cathedral of Saint Mary Major in Marseille. The city is located in southern France and is one of Europe's oldest, founded around 600 BC. 

Dominique used one of his seemingly endless suplly of older French stamps. This time it is from 1963, 1 of 5 in a Tourism set. 

 Well, that's all for today. Just 2 cards, cards are getting a little scarce these days. Maybe it's the coming Christmas season, or the higher mail volume and cards not moving as fast, or it might even be covid related, people not going out to mail cards. Who knows ? 

Thanks to Jean Pierre and Dominique for the cards put forth today. 

I know you all have heard it a million times, but here it is once again. Wash your hands, wear a mask and and keep your distance.  Be safe. 

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