Saturday, November 3, 2018

November Is Now

Good day to all - well Hallowe'en is over, October is gone, it's now November but please don't start the countdown to Christmas just yet. I know it's coming on fast but we don't need reminders . So it's on to postcards.
Now I  have a few cards to end the week, so here they are.

Let's start with a card showing some of the sights of Bechyne, Czech Rep. The town's population is just over 5,200. The Bechyne Bridge , in the upper left corner, was opened in 1928.

Marie used 2016 stamp , 1 of 2 , showing World Heritage Sites. The other stamps, Flower definitives, date from 2010.

Keep Calm and Fly A Balloon. Sounds like a good plan. I have had the great pleasure of having a ride in a balloon. It's money well spent.
This card is the first card sent out by a new Postcrosser named Nicole from Tulsa, USA. It was my honor to receive it.

Nicole used 3 of 5 in the recent The  Art of the Magic set.

Look closely now at those three stamps. See the black mark all through them. The Great Stamp Defacer has struck again. What's even more upsetting with this one is the fact that the stamps actually received a cancellation , so there was need for the vile Stamp Defacer to even make an appearance. So there!

An aerial view of Sanibel Island, Florida is the focus of my next card. You can see the historic lighthouse, I think in the lower right,which was first put into use in 1884. In the upper portion of the picture is the causeway, looks like a series of bridges to me , leading from the mainland to Sanibel, located on Florida's west coast.

Barry used 3 Forever Stamps on his card. A Love stamp from 2018, a Basketball stamp from 2017 and one of the Art of Magic stamp from 2018.

This next card , from Paris, shows a great picture. The photo was taken 118 years ago in 1900. It was during the World Fair of 1900. The Eiffel Tower in all its glory.

A little difference from today, I might add. But the tower was and is still impressive.
Jean Pierre used a large Mickey Mouse stamp from this current year. It commemorates 90 years since the first appearance of Mickey in November 1928.

Here's the next postcard. It arrived from Germany.

Audience participation needed here. Just what's going on here ? Let's have some fun with this one . Please leave a comment with your idea of what's happening. I'm looking forward to the replies.

Ann used a Flower definitive and a Greeting Stamp, 1 of 2 in the set.

Next is a sailing card from Varkaus, Finland. The town of around 22,000 is an old paper mill town. I can identify with that. Due to the decline of newspapers and people reading them, the city has lost over 4,000 people since 1980.

Eija used a 2017 Moomin stamp from the Moomins Time Travel set of 5.

I know I'll be leaving myself open to possibly a lot of flak from all the Moomin lovers out there, but I have to say , Moomin stamps are not my favourite stamps by a long shot. There I've said it , got that off my chest.

That's it for this time. Thanks for cards today do out to Marie, Nicole, Barry, Jean Pierre, Anne, and Eija. Don't forget now, I'm open all day for comments. Take care.


TomoyoHime said...

Hm, I am too tired to come up with something about the postcard.
I do agree on the Moomin stamps though, I was never a big fan.

Ravindra's Collections said...

This is what I call the best of both worlds