Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Cards That Never Made Yesterday's Blog

Hello again, here's the cards that I intended to show yesterday and for whatever reason that didn't happen. So here we go.

Let's start today with a nice Aircraft / Airline card. It's a Lot Polish Airlines Embraer ERJ 170 in a special livery. This aircraft type had its first flight on Feb 19, 2002. There have been 1,439 of the ERJ 170s built. This particular aircraft SP-LDH is still in the Lot Polish Fleet. It is flying from Venice to Warsaw this evening. 

Renata used a Flowers and Fruits stamp from 2016.

This next card arrived from Belarus. It's a Bird themed card showing a Black Stork. This is a large bird measuring between 95 and 100 cm in length with a 145 - 155 cm wingspan.
It usually avoids contact with people. The Black Stork is considered to be a species of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Julia used a couple of small stamps on her card. On the left , from 2016, is 1 of 2 in a set showcasing State Symbols of the Republic of Belarus. The other 3 same stamps are from the Wild Animals set of 5 issued in 2014.

Seattle, USA is featured on my third card for today. The city is located on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by water, trees and mountains. It's a hub for global health with 168 global health organizations in the state, many of which are headquartered in the city. The city's most iconic landmark is the Space Needle, built in 1962 and standing out on Stephen & Sara's card.

It's often said that there's a coffee shop on every corner in Seattle. Maybe that's why they came up with the movie title " Sleepless in Seattle " .  Steve wrote that he picked up this card near the infamously sticky " Gum Wall " . The Market Theatre Gum Wall is a brick wall covered in over 1,070 kg of used chewing gum. A local landmark since 1999, parts of the wall are covered several inches thick, 15 feet high for 50 feet in used gum. In 2009 it was named one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions , second only to the Blarney Stone.  As Steve wrote " Chew on that " .  Look it up, there are pictures online.

Steve used one of the 2017 Green Succulent , Global Forever stamps.

Now here's a card for all the car nuts out there. It's a Mercedes Benz 300 SL Cabrio. I think 1961 but I'm not 100% sure. A good looking car though. Would I like one ? Sure , but let me win the lotto first.

Linda from Norway used a fine selection of stamps on this card - 5 different in total , dating from 1988 to 1999. From the left they are : 1 of 2 Millennium Stamps, issued in 1999. Next is 1 of 2 stamps issued for the Foundation of Children's Stamp Club, in 1997. Then we have 1 of 4 Northern Edition Tourism stamps from 1995. Then it's 1 of 2 issued commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the Conciliation Board, in 1995. Finally from 1988, is 1 of 2 Edible Mushrooms stamp.

Here we go - last card time for today. This one is from The Netherlands. Showing some of the buildings in Maastricht. You can see St. John's Church  and the Basilica of Saint Servatius.

Odette used a 2018 International Rate stamp. It is 1 of 2 in the 2018 Europa issue showing Bridges.

There it is, today's update. Thanks for today's cards go out to Odette, Linda, Stephen & Sara, Julia, and Renata.

Thanks for dropping in, if you have anything to say about today's update, don't be shy - leave a comment. Take care.

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