Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sabena's History and Two Other Cards

Hey there again. Well the results are in for my little reader survey - I guess I'm going with Size B. See blog of Sunday, Feb 11th to see what I'm talking about. Now that's out of the way the postcards are next.

This first one is a keeper - aviation/airline nuts should love it. Johan's card shows the history of Sabena through the many different aircraft types the airline operated between 1923 and 2001.

I have a poster , similar in design, to this card, but outlining the history of Air Canada . It shows all the past airlines and aircraft that have merged to form what Air Canada is today.

  Johan used 2 of the 5 recent stamps in a sheet issued to showcase the Diamond Industry. And as he often does , Johan secured the special cancellation that goes with this issue.

Today's second card, a Postcrossing card from Germany  arrived with a non-German motif. It's a view of a building in Venice, Italy.
It's the Palazzo Gritti Morosini, a palace in San Marco overlooking Campo Sant'Angelo. The building in the city square is thought to have been built in the 16th century.  With some luck, I may even get my picture taken in front of this building in May.

Kristina didn't use a stamp, just a self printed online postage label. I'm not one to complain of course, but I'm so glad that the great majority of  the 718,472 Postcrossers don't use this form of postage. Let's stick to stamps here folks.


Now here's the last card for this time. I usually show 5 or 6 cards, but 3 will have to do today, and it's a German train card for all the wannabe railroaders out there. 

Gerda used a Flower definitive along with a 2017 stamp commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the Invention of the Bicycle by Karl Drais.

That's it for today. Another update in the book. Thanks for today's cards go out to Johan, Kristina and Gerda. Be sure and drop by again soon.

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Gem from Airdrie said...

Hoping to see that scene with you in Venice in May, God willing!

Y.L. Teena