Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cards That Arrived While I Was Away

Hello again. Well I'm back from my little jaunt down east. All I can say is Canada is one big country. It takes a long time to go and a long time to come back. And, sadly there wasn't any time for postcards. But on a brighter note, on my return my mailbox was stuffed with 16 wonderful cards.  So.....let's go !

First up is a card from My Lovely Teena, maybe the last one from our recent trip to B.C.  She found this card in the Old School Museum in Crofton, British Columbia. Crofton is a small coastal town and a terminus for the Salt Spring Island ferry. The town has a population of around 1,100 and they are known as Croftonites. Crofton was founded in 1902 by Henry Croft who owned a nearby copper mine .

Teena's card shows low tide at the Crofton Seawalk, with the Old School Museum in the background. The seawalk was completed in 2002 , on Crofton's 100th Anniversary and extends for a kilometre from the wharf and ferry terminal to Crofton Beach.

My Lovely Teens used one of the Round Canada 150 stamps. It's one of ten in a pane, issued on June 1, 2017. This Paralympic Glory stamp marks two events on Canadian soil - the 1976 and 2010 Paralympics.

My second card arrived from Slovenia and it's been on the go since the 20th of July. Two months , I guess it has a story to tell.
The card shows Triglav in the evening. Triglav is a mountain in Slovenia with an elevation of 2864 metres , making it the highest mountain in the country and the highest peak in the Julian Alps.

Dominique used 2 stamps, both issued this year, on his card. On the left is 1 of 3 celebrating Roses. On the right is a stamp highlighting 50 Years of a Trade and Business Fair.

Mongolian wrestling is the subject of my next card. It is the folk wrestling style of Mongols, in which any touching of the ground with anything other than a foot loses the match. Wrestling is the most important of the Mongolian's  " Three Manly Skills "  and the other two are horsemanship and archery.

David used 2 great stamps from a 2016 set of 5 Male Animals. Shown are the Male Camel and a Stallion.

Here's one more for my Airlines / Aircraft card collection. It's an Air Dolomiti Embraer 195. The airplane , registered as I-ADJN is just over 8 years old. Today is September 20th and this aircraft has been in Munich, Sofia, Pisa, Prague and Turin , all today.

Jean Pierre posted this card in Munich and used a 2016 stamp of the Castles of Germany set. Shown is Lowenburg Castle.

My next card is from Yangon , Myanmar. Unfortunately Myanmar has been in the news a lot lately and not in a good way. I think it's time for Aung San Suu Kyi to step up and show the world what she's made of. That's one Canadian to another talking, as she holds Honorary Canadian Citizenship.
Now on to Jobbo's card. It's a picture of Shan fishermen practising their trade at Inle Lake.

Jobbo used a recent stamp showing a Xylophone.

It's time for my last card for today. It arrived from Washington, D.C. , USA. The card is from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. and shows the " Spirit of St. Louis " , Charles Lindbergh's monoplane in which he flew nonstop solo across the Atlantic from New York to Paris in 1927.

I've had the pleasure of seeing this airplane up close, having visited the Museum around fifteen years ago. It's a great place with lots of interesting exhibits.

Meelis used 2 different Postcard Rate Shell stamps from 2017, and a 2017  Basketball Round Forever stamp.

That's all for today. My Thanks today go out to My Lovely Teena, Dominique, David, Jean Pierre, Jobbo and Meelis. Good cards from Great People. See you again soon.


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