Friday, December 23, 2016

Just Days Before Christmas

The shopping 's all done, the wrapping not quite, the tree is trimmed and we are expecting 10 cm of the white stuff today and another 5 cm tomorrow. So a very white Christmas for sure.
Just time to sneak in a little update before my Lovely Teena and I, our two sons and their families go out for dinner. This will be the 21st annual dinner , always just a few days before Christmas. This is our Christmas Tradition. It started with just four of us and now we are family of eleven.

Now here are today's cards.

Let's start with this Singapore Airlines B747 Megatop, in the Star Alliance livery . The Airline / Aircraft collection continues to grow. Steffi who hales from Germany bought this card in Bremen Airport. Singapore Airlines operated this 747 ( 9V-SPP ) from 2001 -2012.

Steffi used a Flower definitive and a 2015 stamp celebrating Mountain Academy in Freiburg, the Jewel of the Black Forest.

Next is this pretty blond , all dressed up , expecting to go out obviously. A neat use for leaves no doubt.

Irina sent this card from Simferopol, Crimea. We all know what happened in that area a couple years ago. Irina wrote that she recently visited Kiev and found it a beautiful city. She also wrote that Ukraine is a wonderful country. It must be difficult for her, having wrote those things, to now accept that she is living for all intents and purposes in Russia, or at least under Russia's thumb. One only has to look at the Russian stamp on the card. It was issued this year but depicts a 1941 war scene.

Now for a Christmas greeting from Czech Republic, posted from Brno. The Christmas festival in Brno starts on November 25th with the lighting up of the festive Christmas tree.

PostCrosser Jakub sent this card and used 2 copies of the 2014 Christmas Stamp.

Time now for a little music lesson. The card , from Germany, shows a colour lithograph of an  Alfons Mucha work from 1898. It is from his Arts Series . this one is entitled Music.  Mucha's series of 4 included Painting, Poetry, Music and Dance.   He gave each of the arts a circular backdrop from nature indicating a particular time of day. For this card Music, it is the song of birds at moonlight.

Cora used 1 of 2 se-tenant stamps issued in 2016 showing Moselle, a river flowing through France, Luxembourg and Germany.

I know there are train postcard collectors out there , so enjoy this one. It is an older steam train operating on local lines around Kourim, about 45 km east of Prague.

Tamara , a young Postcrosser, she's just eleven, used 2 definitives on her card. I wish I had collected postcards since I was eleven. How many would I have by now ? And with very little space to house them.

Now for the last card today, let's end with Fifty Shades of Grey. No not that one, the novel by E.L.James , but Fifty Shades of the Colour Grey.  There's no Anastasia Steele and no Christian Grey on this card, just 50 grey colours.

These fifty shades aren't that exciting , are they ? About as exciting as watching paint dry. There it is , that's Adrian's card.

Adrian sent this from Shrewsbury, the 8th happiest place to live in the U.K. No offense to Shrewsbury, but if I have to move it'll be to number 1, Leigh-On-sea - The happiest place in the U.K to live.
Adrian used 1 of the set of 8 , of this year's Christmas stamps.

I know I said that was the last card, well not quite. As I wrote last time , I have received a bunch of Maximum cards from Bruce in South Africa. The 2 for today date from Oct 16, 1987.
The first one is a Mmabatho Air Services aircraft with 2 flight attendants standing by. The stamp is 1 of 4 from 1986 showing Bop Airways, very similar to the card.
The second card has a Luxair jet with passengers deplaning on the tarmac. The stamp again quite similar to the card. Now here's the 2 cards.


That's it for today. Thanks go out to Irina, Jakub, Steffi, Cora, Tamara, Adrian and Bruce.
Drop in again.  Tell me what you liked today, and even what you didn't. Take care, See you next time.

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Graham Clayton said...

That "Fifty Shades of Grey" is one of the most boring postcards that I have seen!