Tuesday, November 15, 2016

No Postcards and Not Much Else but THANKS

Hello everyone.  Well I don't have a blog today . There's been such a shortage of time since my last update. A lot of planning going ahead. I'm just about out the door , I'm leaving today on a small trip ( actually a big trip ) .  As the great Harry Bellafonte used to sing
" I'm on my way,  Won't be back for many a day " . Yes,  I'm heading out to a new part of the world, at least for me.
So, it's going to be a while before I'm back here live. Just hope you will all come back. Cheers -
But before I go, I have to send thanks out to the following for cards that have arrived the last week or so.
Jean Pierre - card from New Caledonia
Bruce - card from Australia
Stephen & Sara - card from New York City
Sam-Quito - 2 cards from USA
Johan - 2 cards from United Kingdom
Ravindra - 2 cards from Taiwan
Meelis - card from Czech Republic
Dominique - 2 cards from France
Michael - card from Taiwan
Jobbo - card from Netherlands

That's it - BIG THANKS to you all .
As you can see, even if no more cards arrive while I am away, I'll still have some greats cards to show on my return.

O.k. The bags are packed and I 'm out the door.
Take care,

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Wishing you a wonderful trip Glenn...hope to see you back here posting again soon! Take care (✿◠‿◠)