Monday, October 24, 2016

More Cards From The Pile On The Desk

Good day again. Here's  the second installment of the cards on the desk. Again in no particular order.
Let's start with this card sent by Johan in Belgium. The card though is all about Kyrgyzstan. It's a look at The Aykol Manas Monument , in front of the State Historical Museum of the Kyrgyz Republic in Bishkek.

The card originated at Antwerpfila , which was held in Antwerp 30 September and 01 October. It is a prestamped card issued by the Kyrgyz Express Post, the second designated postal operator for Kyrgyzstan.
Here's a look at the stamp and post cancellation.

This next card is of a painting of Emperor Nicholas II , by I Galkin.
Nicholas was the last Emperor of Russia, ruling from November 1894 until his forced abdication in March 1917. I guess abdication wasn't quite enough as he was later assassinated on July 17, 1918.

A couple of fine stamps arrived on this card. The card is from Anna, a Postcrosser who attended a Postcrossing Meet-up in Arkhangelsk, near the White Sea. Guess I missed that one !
Anna had the card signed by 10 or 12 Postcrossers who attended.
The 2 larger stamps are of interest. The vertical stamp was issued in 2013, 1 of 4 showing Military Uniforms. The larger stamp on the right , also from a set of 4, was issued in 2011 , all of them showing Bridges.

Card # 3 for today is from the Czech Republic. It is a a card showing a Taras Kuscynskyj  photo called Dana, who appears to be relaxing in a tree. I think I would want somewhere softer and a little closer to the ground, but to each his own I guess.

 This was a private swap with Alena. She used a 2016 stamp showing a Streetcar . It is from a set of 2 , the other is of a ship.

A new addition to my Airline Postcard Collection is up next - S7 Airlines. PJSC Siberia Airlines, operating as S7 Airlines is Russia's biggest domestic airline. Airplanes make a neat Christmas Tree, don't they ?

Nastya, who lives in Central Russia sent this card and used a number of the old Animal definitives from 2008, along with a new Ballooning stamp from 2016.

My Lovely Teena is the sender of this next card. She dropped it in the mail while we were back East to Newfoundland. It's a view of Quidi Vidi Village, a neighbourhood of St. John's. Quidi Vidi pronounces like Kiddy Viddy. The large green building is the Quidi Vidi Brewing Company, the largest microbrewery in Newfoundland. Also located in the village is Mallard Cottage, one of the oldest wooden buildings in North America. It's an 18th century Irish Newfoundland styled cottage.

Teena used a Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee stamp , featuring a stamp on a stamp. It was issued in 2012.

A show looking at the private life of Marilyn Monroe was held at the Palazzo Madama, in Turin, Italy from June 1st to September 19th of  this year.  It was titled " The Woman Beyond The Myth " . This is a card from that show.

Carla from Genoa swapped this card with me. We swap every month or so. Always a good card and stamp from Carla.
 Her stamp this time celebrates Albenga, a city on the Gulf of Genoa on the Italian Riviera. It was issued earlier this year.

Here's the last card for this time. As I wrote last time, if your card hasn't been featured yet, then it's still on the pile on the desk. It will surface eventually.
This last card is another addition to my Postcard Collection of Newfoundland Towns. It's the 30th Newfoundland Town card in the collection. As you can see , with just 30, I haven't really been trying too hard. Hoping to do better though.
# 30 is from Bell Island, an island located off the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland , Conception Bay. It measures 9.7 km in length and 3.5 km in width.  
Bell Island has a rather unique Second World War history. On September 5th and November 5th, 1942 the anchorage for bulk iron ore carriers was attacked by German U-boats U-513 and U-518. Four ships were sunk and 70 mariners lost their lives. In addition to the four ships , an errant German torpedo also struck the iron ore loading dock on shore. As a result, Bell Island was one of the very few locations in North America to see enemy action during the war, and the only location in North America to be subject to direct attack by German forces during World War II. There you go - Bell Island's claim to fame !
The card from Bell Island shows " Whiskey " a two year old Newfoundland Dog.

Thanks for this card go to the Postmaster  at the Canada Post Office on Bell Island. It arrived with one of the recent Haunted Canada stamps, the one featuring The Bell Island Hag.

A good , clear cancellation on this one. Love that.
Well that's it for this time. With any luck I'll be back again soon, in a day or two and get a few more of the cards front and center . Take care. Thanks for cards going out to Johan, Anna, Carla, Alena, Nastya, My Lovely Teena and the Bell Island Postmaster.

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