Friday, September 16, 2016

To The Zoo and Beyond

Well it's been 10 days, so it's definitely time to get back at it. So let's get going. First we're off to the Antwerp Zoo, one of the oldest in the world, it opened on 21 July 1843. The card shows two giraffes , head and shoulders above everyone else.

This is my first swap with Gerda. She has a great postcard blog at My Postcard-Page .  Her card arrived with 2 wonderful and large stamps featuring Animals In Danger. They are part of a very beautiful set of 5, issued this year.

My next card is from Ahmedabad , India. The card shows Gandhi and a group of his supporters and followers.

This is a card from David and his recent trip to India. He used a Miniature Sheet containing one stamp that was issued on Aug 15, Independence Day in India. The sheet is also inscribed Tourism in India.

The next card for today arrived from Estonia. We can see a couple small boats near Vosu, a small village of about 335 people located in north central Estonia.

This is ship mail, a card sent by Meelis from the M/L Superstar, a ferry operating between Helsinki and Tallin.  Meelis used the large 2016 Year of the Monkey stamp .

  Now , a card from France, this one shows the Governor's Palace in Metz, a city with a 3,000 year history. Metz has a lot going on - the Saint -Stephen Cathedral with the largest expanse of stained glass windows in the world ,  the Basilica of Saint Pierre-aux-Nonnains  - the oldest church in all of France and its Opera House - again the oldest in France. The Govenor's Palace was built between 1902 and 1904. It is the former palace of the commander of the XVI corps of the German Army.

Dominique used a stamp from 2015 on this card. It celebrates the life of Martin Nadaud, a former member of the Parliament of France.

Who's up for a sunrise near Taiwan. That's the image of this next card. That's all I got on this one.

Star sent this card and used this stamp.

Here's a Marilyn Monroe card that I haven't seen before. It arrived from Belgorod, Russia. Darla wrote that it was a small town, even though it has a population of over 350,000. It is located just 40 km north of the border with Ukraine. Oh yes, back to the card. Marilyn Monroe, call her what you will, she had a number of names. Often called Norma Jeane Baker, she was born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1, 1926. The American actress and model died on Aug 5, 1962 at the young age of 36.

Darla used 2 stamps, the triangle stamp was issued in 2013 and is from a set of 4. The 2nd stamp was issued in 2016 and is entitled National Cuisine.

My next card features the Bolshoy Obukhovsky Bridge , the newest bridge crossing the Neva River in Saint Petersburg . It is the only bridge the Neva which is not a drawbridge. It opened on Dec 15, 2004 and is 2,824 meters in length.

Postcrosser Karina used a stamp from 2014 featuring The Medal for the Defense of Sevastopol ( 1941-1942 ) . I wonder if today's soldiers got a medal for the illegal invasion and occupation of Sevastopol  and other parts of Ukraine in 2014.

Just to show that I'm not political ( at least not often ) on my blog here's another card from Russia. It's not Marilyn Monroe this time but Katharine Hepburn. She was a leading lady in Hollywood for more than 60 years. Hepburn won 4 Academy Awards for Best Actress. They were for Morning Glory in 1933, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner in 1967, The Lion In Winter in 1968 and On Golden Pond  in 1981. She also was nominated 8 other times for that award.

WE have 3 stamps on this card to look at. On the top( you might want to tip your head a little for this one ) is a Modern Art stamp from a set of 3 issued in 2013. In the middle is a Contemporary  Art stamp from 2011. There were 6 in this set. The bottom stamp is from 2002, 1 of a set of 3 , celebrating the History of Customs.

There it is , another bunch of great cards. Thanks for these cards go out to Gerda, David, Meelis, Dominique, Star, Darla,  Karina, and Larisa.  
Thanks for dropping by and do come by again soon. Take care. 

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