Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hello , It's Me Again and New Stamp Issuing Entity # 263

Well, here we go with another postcard update. As I mentioned yesterday, all the cards today are either from David or Jean Pierre. So thanks to both of them.
Let's start with a card from Rakvere, Estonia. This is a town of about 15,000 people in northern Estonia , about 20 km south of the Gulf of Finland. The area dates back to the 3rd - 5th centuries AD.
 David's card gives us a look at local landscapes and at Altja boathouses.

David used a definitive on the left and a Year of The Sheep stamp from 2015, on the right.

Here's the first of Jean Pierre's cards. It comes to us from Kingstown, capital of St. Vincent. The card shows E.T. Joshua Airport, which is located near the city of Kingstown. It is a hub for Grenadine Airways, Mustique Airways and S.V.G. Air.

Jean Pierre used a nice Aviation themed stamp along with a Coat of Arms definitive. The larger stamp was issued in 2006 and celebrates the 150th Anniversary of LIAT Airlines.

Now it's another from David, sent from Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia, formally a city of Ukraine. The city is located in the southwestern region of the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea. We are all familiar with what happened there back in March of 2014, so I don't need to go into all that, other than to say that this new status is not internationally recognized. Crimea and Sevastopol is still considered by Ukraine, the EU, most nations and the UN as part of Ukraine.  However, don't expect it to change back to Ukraine any time soon.
David's card gives us a look at The Eagle Column. This commemorates Russian ships deliberately scuppered at the mouth of the harbour in 1854 to make it impossible for enemy ships to pass.

A number of stamps on this one. The top two are from a set of 4 issued under the theme " Air Attacks " . The long vertical stamp on the left is from a set of 18 titled Decorations of the Russian Federation. The lower right stamp is 1 of 2 in a set issued in 2014 for Russian Regions - Sevastopol and Crimea. David believes this set to be the first Russian stamps showing Crimea after its takeover in 2014.

One more from Jean Pierre - this time arriving from gorgeous , sunny Barbados. It's fun in the sun on this beach, I'm sure. It's been too many years since My Lovely Teena and I spent any time in Barbados , so I'm sure it's time to go back. And right between those two trees is where I should be.

Two nice large stamps on this one. On the left is a Golden Apple stamp from the Local Fruits set of 10 issued in 2011. On the right is 1 of 14 in the Builders of Barbados set issued this year. This one shows Clement Osbourne Payne, a pioneer in the Caribbean trade union movement. His main principal was " Educate, Agitate, but do not Violate " . A good line for a union man.
This Builders of Barbados issue is replacing the Local Fruits set.

This next one is David's card from Simferopol, Crimea, Russia. The city is located in the south central part of the Crimean Peninsula.  This card shows us Holy Trinity Monastery , a Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in which are kept the relics of St Luke the Doctor and Archbishop of Crimea.

On this one David used a couple of Kremlin definitives from 2009 along with the second Crimea Region stamp from 2014, a set of 2 which I mentioned earlier.

Now it's the last one from Jean Pierre for this time. It arrived from Soufriere, Saint Lucia, a town of about 8,000 located on the west coast of the island. His card shows the Pitons, 2 giant volcanic plugs located south of Soufriere . They were cited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.

The insect stamp on the left is 1 of 8 Dragonflies in a set issued in 2014, even though they carry a 2013 date.  Then on the right is a definitive from a 2014 set of 14 Fruits.

Okay, this next card is from stamp issuing entity # 263 of my collection. It is South Ossetia, a partially recognized state in the South Caucasus. It is south of Russia and lies within the former Georgian SSR. South Ossetia declared its Independence from Georgia in 1990 , declaring itself the Republic of South Ossetia. It is only recognized  by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru. Not the kind of recognition one would like for one's country.   Guess DPRK was busy that day.
David's card shows a lady doing a traditional Ossetian dance and was posted in Tskhinval.

The card arrived with only South Ossetia stamps, and no Russian , no Georgian, so that's why it's  #263.
These are my first South Ossetia stamps and as such, I have limited information on them. On the left is a 2014 stamp with the title - Joining to Russia. The other two, the  flag stamps were also issued in 2014. On the left stamp is the White/Red/Yellow South Ossetia Flag. On the other flag stamp is the Coat of Arms and Flag of South Ossetia.
I'm not sure of the red/green/red flag on each stamp, but I might take a guess and say , it's the flag of Transnistria. Anyone who knows for sure , please leave a comment , Transnistria or not ?
 Surely all the vexillologists out there will jump at this chance to shine.

Anyway, here are the stamps.

Now of course with # 263 in hand, I just need a card from 11 more to have received at least 1 card mailed from every country and stamp issuing entity out there  ( at least according to my list ).
I know there are some others that do issue their own stamps and the mail does seem to get through - I guess I'll start that list after I get those missing 11 cards.  The 11 are - Australian Antarctic Territory, Central African Republic, Congo ( Dem Republic ) , Djibouti, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Niuafo'ou, Sierre Leone, South Sudan , Tokelau Islands and Transniestria.
So, anyone out there or anyone know anyone going to any of these hot tourist destinations , remember me and send a card, you'll sure be in my good book.

That's 7 cards for today, more than enough I think. I save the other 3 from David for next time.
Thanks for the cards, Jean Pierre and David. You guys make my day.
Now I have just one more request, for any of my American readers out there. I would really like to receive a Donald J Trump postcard. I don't even know if they exist, but I'm pretty sure they do. There are buttons, pins, bumper stickers, and ball caps, so there must be postcards. Whether he wins or loses, I think it would be a good collectible.  So come on America, help out a Canadian, there's no Wall between us, it's the longest undefended border in the world.

There , that's it for today. Drop by again soon. Take care.


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