Friday, October 9, 2015

World Post Day 2015

                                                        Happy World Post Day 2015

What do you know  - another week gone by ?  That must mean it's time for a few postcards. Hopefully more than a few. But first let's talk World Post Day . Yes, Oct 9th, today, is being widely celebrated as World Post Day. The observation marks the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1876 in Switzerland. But it was only in 1969 that Oct 9th was marked as World Post Day by the UPU Congress, held in Japan. When was the last time you wrote a letter or a postcard to a friend or loved one ? Give it a try , you might be surprised by the results.

On to the postcards . Let's start with a card from France. This one shows the kitchen of Maison Kammerzell and a couple of its main chefs. I previously showed another postcard of this old restaurant and hotel located in Strasbourg  back on Sunday, August 2nd of this year.

Dominique used a 20104 stamp from a souvenir sheet of 10 different stamps highlighting Regions of France.

Keeping with the French theme, my next card is from Cayenne, French Guiana, an overseas department on France on the northeast coast of South America.  Its capital is Cayenne and there you will find colorful Creole houses and street markets.
David's card shows a few of the scenes around Sinnamary, a town on the north coast. The town was the second French settlement to be founded in French Guiana , back in 1664.

David used 2 nice,  large French stamps. They seem to be some sort of personalized stamps , meeting the 20 gram letter rate. French stamps are the norm of course in French Guiana. The one on the left is interesting showing the Earth, in a box marked as fragile.

More French to come - this next card is from France and celebrates Air France. It's one of the newest Air France publicity cards. As the card says - France Is In The Air. This is one more addition in my Airlines / Aircraft Postcards Collection.

Jean Pierre used a new 2015 stamp here. It is 1 of 2 in a set showing Satellites. The set is a Joint Issue with India and celebrates 50 Years of Space Cooperation between the two countries.

Stepping away from the French themed cards above, my next card arrived from Salvador, Brazil. Salvador is a city of 2.6 million in Brazil's northeastern state of Bahia. The city is known for its Portuguese colonial architecture and tropical coastline. Shown on David's card is Sao Francisco Church in Pelourinho, the historic centre of Salvador. The church was built between 1708 and 1723 with all decoration finished by 1755. Pelourinho was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

David used 3 stamps from a 2015 set of 4 issued to celebrate Rio de Janeiro's 450th Anniversary. Rio was founded on March 1st, 1565.

Here's another Aviation related card , this time from Frankfurt Airport. We can see a number of  Lufthansa aircraft along with various views of the airport . Interestingly though in the lower right corner is a couple of Air India aircraft , including Aircraft VT-ALM , a B777-300.

Jean Pierre used 2 quite large stamps on this one. On the left is a 2012 German Architecture issue showing a German house from around 1600. On the right is a 2014 Lighthouse stamp, 1 of 2 in the set.

There you have it , another update. Thanks to Dominique, David and Jean Pierre for these fine cards. Don't forget, you can always leave a comment, if you have one. Take care.

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