Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Small After Labour Day Update

I have just a couple of cards for today. I guess not much mail really moved over the long holiday weekend. But I was lucky enough to find three cards in the mailbox this morning. First up is a card from Sayward , B.C. - Canada. On this card we see a couple of Orcas or killer whales in Kelsey Bay, located just a half  km from Sayward. The village of Sayward with about 350 people is located in the Sayward Valley on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island. The area is abundant in salmon and one might just see orcas in the area. Orca whales are found in all oceans from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Worldwide population estimates point to at least 50,000 orcas. Local estimates have about 8,500 in the tropical Pacific, with 2,250-2,700 in the cooler Northeast  Pacific and 25,000 in the Antarctic. Smaller groups are located off  Norway and Japan.

My Lovely Teena dropped this card in the mail while on our recent trip to the northern tip of Vancouver Island. There wasn't a big choice of stamps in the small Sayward post office , so Teena had to settle for one of the Baby Wildlife definitives from March 2014.

Today's second card is from St. Pierre & Miquelon. The islands are a self-governing territorial overseas collectivity of France, situated in the northwestern Atlantic ocean just 25 km off Newfoundland, Canada. St Pierre and Miquelon , 3,819 km from France are the only remnant of the former colonial empire of New France that remains under French control. The back of the card says it pictures L'lle aux Marins, a small island located off  the coast of the main islands of St Pierre and Miquelon. The smaller island was settled in 1604 and once had a population of close to 700. It has been uninhabited since 1965, when everyone moved to St Pierre island. I guess the card shows what it looked like in its heyday  

My nephew David and his wife Carrie recently travelled to St. Pierre and sent this card back . They used a couple of Marianne definitives along with a 2014 Blowing Soap Bubbles stamp . It's another example of the long running heart-stopping photography series. This one is a black and white photo of a young pig-tailed girl blowing bubbles  by Sylvia de Lizarraga.

My last card is from Great Britain. The lady who sent it wrote that it's a view of Britain. I guess it's supposed to be a farming scene. I see farms , dragonflies, horses, flowers, trees , a couple of barns and even some wind farm windmills up on the horizon. When I see wind farms I always think about what Prince Charles called them -  "a horrendous blot on the landscape ".  I guess that's one way to think of them.

This card arrived with a very recent stamp . The Bilberry Bumblebee stamp was issued on Aug 18th . It is 1 of 6 in the set. The bilberry bee, while concentrated in northeastern England, can also be found in Wales and southwestern England.

That's it for this time. Thanks for cards go to My Lovely Teena , David and Carrie and also to the Postcrosser  from England. Sorry I don't know the name. Be sure to drop by again , leave a comment even.
Take care.

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