Saturday, July 4, 2015

Chemainus , B.C. - and a few others

Hello again, Happy July to you . My first card for this month is one sent to me by My Lovely Teena. We recently visited Chemainus , a small town here on Vancouver Island. As always when we visit, My Lovely Teena always sends a card back to me. Teena's card shows 4 of the murals of Chemainus. The town was founded in 1858 as a logging town but is now known for its 42 outdoor murals. The murals tell much of the town's history and culture . Thousands upon thousands of visitors visit Chemainus and its murals every year. You can walk around or you can take a horse drawn carriage ( as did Teena and I ) to see all the wonderful murals.

  Teena used a very recent Weather Wonder stamp, showing hoar frost covering a tree in Beaumont , Alberta. It is from a set of 5 Weather Wonders .

That;s a nice clear and special postmark, reflecting the town's murals which was used at the Chemainus Post  Office. Not something we see all that often here in Canada.

Card 2 arrived from Brcko , a town in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It lies on the Sava river across from Croatia and is the largest port in Bosnia. The city is Europe's only free city and is almost entirely self- governing.

I haven't received many cards from Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is just the 3rd one. So, it follows that I don't have many B & H stamps either. Here's 2 more though - Edvin used , on the left, a stamp issued in 2014 highlighting Wind Energy. Then, to the right are 2 copies of an architecture definitive featuring the Mosque in Velika Kladusa, a town of about 45,000.


My next card is one put out by The British Postal Museum & Archive. It shows a green letter box, and I thought all old letter boxes were red. This one is a Channel Islands Pillar Box from 1853. This box was introduced as part of a successful trial in Guernsey, which was overseen by Anthony Trollope. Similar boxes were introduced to the UK later that same year. Trollope was one of the most successful and respected of English novelists. He also did work as a Postal Inspector.

Pin , a Postcrosser from England sent this card along and used what one time was considered a high value stamp. Now a value of a pound is , I guess , an everyday stamp. And of course it's a Machin definitive.

Zagreb by night is next. It's a look at the tallest building in all of Croatia, the Zagreb Cathedral, which is located very near the city's central square. It was built in 1217 , but after being destroyed by Tatars and later an earthquake, it was rebuilt and finally reopened in 1906.

The stamp on this one is 1 of 4 in a 2014 self adhesive foil sheet called Underwaterworld.

Here's a card from Zaragoza, a city of just over 700,000 , located in the northeast of Spain. Clara's card shows the Aljaferia Palace. It's a fortified medieval Islamic palace built during the second half of the 11th century.

Clara's stamp choice was a 2015 King Felipe definitive, 1 of 5 in a set.

Five cards is a nice number to end with this time. Thanks for cards to My Lovely Teena, Edvin, Pin, Clara and one other from Zagreb,who I can't put a name to. Sorry about that. That happens sometimes with all the different writing styles.  As always - your comments are welcome. take care and come back soon.

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