Friday, June 12, 2015

Time For An Update Update

Hello again - I'm back, yes I'm still alive, but you'd never know it by this blog. Family commitments - what else can I say. Enough said, let's get to postcards - the reason you're reading this. I have a nice bunch of cards and a great selection of stamps to have a look at . Let's start with a card from Gibraltar, British since 1704. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory on the south coast of Spain known for the Rock of Gibraltar , a 426m  limestone ridge. Often called The Rock, let's not confuse it with that other Rock - Newfoundland. You can see on the card the Gibraltar Cable Car which runs from outside the Gibraltar Botanic Garden to the top of the Rock. 

This is another card sent by my brother Dale from his last trip. He used a 2014 definitive from a set of 16 self adhesives featuring Queen Elizabeth. 

My next card arrived from Uruguay , a place we don't see all that many cards arriving from. That's a cool looking lighthouse in the upper left .  I believe it to be the Jose Ignacio lighthouse. 

This is a card I received through Postcrossing. It was sent by Wen Jing who hails from China but was visiting Montevideo. This is a Post Paid postcard, meaning no stamp, something I would frown upon, but since it arrived from Uruguay, I will overlook that fact. 

Now a card from Russia. This is a dancer performing at the Leningrad State Music Hall, as it was known from 1924-1991. 

Vladimir used a couple of nice stamps on this one. On the top is 1 of 4 in a 2013 Uniforms set. The lower stamp was issued in a set of 4 for the 2012 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. 

Vladimir wrote that he has collected stamps and postcards for 45 years , all on the subject of people wearing eyeglasses. Interesting indeed. 

Card # 4 for today arrived from Australia, although looking at the card, it's difficult to determine where the card is from or just what it represents. Even Julia who sent it, wrote that she didn't know either. What do you think ? 

  Julia made up for the card by using a nice selection of stamps from the past. On the far left is a 1979 Christmas stamp. Next to that is a 2003 Greeting stamp. Then  there are  2 copies of the 1986 First Colonies issue. Just beneath them are 2 copies of a 1988 issue featuring items from Coastal Shipwrecks. 


Finally for this time is a card from Algeria. It shows the road to Ziama Mansouria, a town in Jijel Province in Algeria with about 12,600 population. 

Jean Pierre used 2 stamps both of which feature flowers, or plants  or fruit. The vertical stamp on the left was issued in 2014 and the one on the right was issued in 2011. 

That's the update for this time. Thanks for the cards go out to Dale, Wen Jing, Vladimir, Julia and Jean Pierre. 
Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you back here again . Take care. 

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