Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hello again Postcard People. Didn't think you were a postcard person, then you must be a stamp person, as there's not many other reasons to be reading this. Sometimes I mention the weather, but not much else. So I guess it's postcards today, so let's get to them. This time I will show cards from P.R.China, Lithuania, Ukraine, Japan and Lithuania one more time. I do have a fairly large bunch of cards still on my desk awaiting their turn in the limelight here on the blog along with another smaller stack that will be the basis for "Cruising Thru Postcard # 7 ". It's been a little while since that cruise but I was waiting for the New Caledonia cards to arrive back. They have finally made their appearance, albeit later than expected, so be sure to check in for that update soon. There's a story there for sure. Now on to today's cards.

This first card shows a landscaped area in China, that's pretty vague I know. The sender attends Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu, western China, so lets assume it's a picture from that area.

Today's first stamp was issued in a 2001 mini/sheet of 10 different Wildlife stamps. Shown is the saiga antelope, a critically endangered animal , with a total number of around 50,000 remaining. The horn of the saiga is used in traditional Chinese medicine and this demand has wiped out the saiga in China.

Six mail or post boxes from Lithuania are the subject of this next card. Mail boxes like these are long gone here in Canada, if they ever really existed at all. The modern way of Super mail boxes is here to stay.

Vilija sent this card from Vilnius. She, too, used an Animal stamp . It is from 2015 and was issued in a set of 2. Shown is the European Otter, another animal on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

A card from Ukraine is next. Sadly, not what I picture Ukraine  to be like these days. Sitting, having a beer and playing chess. If only life was as idyllic for all Ukrainians these days. I recently received a card from there and the sender wrote that even though the war was only in the East, an economic crisis was everywhere , many people including many elderly don't even have enough money to buy food. Very sad indeed and it seems no end in sight. I guess many would  love to have a day as is portrayed on this card.

Jane used a number of definitives issued in a 2012 set of 13 stamps showing leaves and fruits. The top 4 stamps, all the same, are Maple Leaves. A strong symbol often associated with Canada. Change the country name and they'd make great Canadian stamps.

Card # 3 arrived from Japan and was posted in Ginza. Ginza is recognized by many as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world., attracting locals and visitors alike from across the globe. Yuki wrote that the picture on this card is from a German children's picture book. I'm not one to talk but I think this postman is having way too much fun delivering the mail. Letters and postcards going everywhere, even the dog is reading the mail. Reminds me of the kid's excuse at school - Miss, my dog ate my homework !

Yuki used an International Letter-Writing Week stamp from Oct . 2014. It is from a set of 4.

The last card for this time is another from Lithuania. It gives us a look at The Gate of Dawn , a city gate of Vilnius. It was built between 1503 and 1522. It's to the right in the picture. Then on the left you can see the Church of St Theresa.

Barbora used 2 stamps on her card. To the left is a 2015 stamp from a set of 6 featuring Old Coins. On the right is 1 of 2 Christmas Stamps issued in 2014.

There you have it, today's update in a nutshell. Thanks for cards go to Barbora, Yuki, Jane, Vilija and Serene in China. Thanks again for reading and do drop by again.

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