Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer's First Update

Summer has officially arrived and with that , it is more difficult to spend time here on the blog. I want to be outside enjoying the warmth and sunshine, but GemsWorldPostcards must go on. My cards for today come from France, Belgium, Denmark, Scotland and Mexico.
Let's start with France. It's another Airline postcard for my Airlines and Aircraft Collection. This time it's an  Air Liberte MD-83 at Orly Airport. Air Liberte was founded in France in July of 1987.  It mainly operated to destinations in European and Mediterranean holiday resorts, however it had some intercontinental routes.The airline experienced some ups and downs ( no pun intended ) and despite government aid, was forced to declare bankruptcy in August 2002. During its 15 year history , Air Liberte operated a number of different aircraft types, including A300s, A310s, ATR42s, B737s, DC-10s, MD-82s and the aforementioned MD-83s.The particular aircraft shown , F-GHEB, was stored in 2009 after seeing service with Air Liberte, Khors Air, Daallo Airlines and Aeropostal.

Fabienne used a number of wonderful stamps including a great Aviation Stamp from 1980. It commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the First Non-Stop Paris to New York flight, in 1930. The pilots were Dieudonne Costes and Maurice Bellonte and it took them 27 hours and 18 minutes. The small stamp in the middle is a 2013 Marianne definitive, 1 of 14 in the set. The stamp on the right , also from 2013 , is 1 of 4 Fashion stamps in a set. Fabienne collects UNESCO World Heritage Site postcards and has a wonderful blog about them  here .

My second card today arrived from Charleroi, Belgium. It's a city  located in the province of Hainaut, Belgium.. Heavy fighting  took place in this area during World War I due to the city's strategic location on the Sambre. Johan's card shows some of the equipment of war used in and around Normandy  in 1944 during World War II.

Johan used a recent World Cup of Hockey stamp. The 2014 Hockey World Cup was held from 31 May to 15 June 2014 in The Hague, Netherlands. To us Canadians that's one strange looking hockey stick, though. I know , I know , Field Hockey , right ?  Be sure to check out Johan's great postcard blog right here .

Here's a card from Denmark. My fourth one actually. I haven't received very many cards from there, four in eight years. I should be able to do better than that, don't you think ? This card gives us a look at the Horsens Theatre, built in 1909. It was rebuilt and enlarged in 1992.   Bob Dylan, Madonna and The Rolling Stones have all given concerts in Horsens. The city, which was founded in the 12th century , has a population of approximately 56,000 is about 200 km from Copenhagen.

This is a card from Hans. This is a case of first contact. I guess he read this blog and decided to send a postcard. If that is the case, thanks Hans and check your mail in a week or so. Hans used a nice selection of stamps. On the left is a recent 2014 stamp, 1 of 2 in the Norden set. In the center are a number of Wavey Line definitives. Interestingly these Wavey Line stamps have been issued since 1905. The last 2 stamps on the right are 2 of the Hans C. Andersen issue from 2012.

I think that will do for this time. I had 2 more cards set for this time , but the sunshine is calling me out. It's just too good  to be inside here typing this out. 
See you again soon.

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