Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cards From Jean Pierre

All right, as I said in my last update, the cards this time are all from Jean Pierre. Of course that's not a country, so when I say they come from Jean Pierre that's just who sent them. They actually come from Bermuda, Bahamas and Barbados. So let's look at the Bermuda card first. Ah, Bermuda,  I remember it well. A beautiful place

This first card shows a couple of local scenes around the island. Natural arches carved out of the shoreline and on the bottom, Horseshoe Beach. I remember spending some time on this fine beach with my family . I wish we could go back tomorrow, the grand kids would love it. 

A great stamp from a beautiful set of 4 commemoratives issued July 21 , 2011 can be found on this card. The stamps commemorate the early development of the Bermuda Casements Barracks. Built between 1839 and 1843, the Casements served as a barracks and later as a prison. Eventually it is hoped it will become part of the Bermuda National Museum.
  The next two cards are from the Bahamas, a land of complete relaxation and comfort. On the first we see one of the fast ferries operating between the islands along with a local lighthouse.

There are a couple of 2012 stamps used on this card.  They are part of a large set of 16 definitives featuring Marine Life. The two shown are the Christmas Tree Worm and the Green Moray Eel.

The second Bahamas card celebrates the 39th anniversary of that country's independence. However do take note that the Bahamas did indeed celebrate it's 40th Anniversary of Independence on July 10th of this year. The marble statute shown is of Queen Victoria. It was placed in Parliament Square, Nassau on May 24, 1905.  

Now here's the stamps. The Flower stamp on the left is from a set of 2 issued in 2007. The stamp on the right was issued this current year and is from a set of 6 commemorating the 120th Anniversary of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Band.

The final card for today is from Barbados. On it we see Codrington College, located in the Parish of St. John. It is the oldest theological college in the Western Hemisphere. It was opened in 1745.
The 2 stamps are part of a set of 16 definitives issued in 2011 all featuring Fruits.

That's my update for this time. Thanks to Jean Pierre for all these cards. Next time it's more cards from other postcards friends. Be sure to tune in. Take care.

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