Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Modes of Transport

Hello again. My theme for today's update is different Modes of transport. I have cards with cars, a ship, a train, an airplane, electric trolley bus and a helicopter. I know there are many other types but I don't have the postcards.

Let's start with this somewhat run down excuse for a car, not to be confused with the nice modern card next to it. I really don't know what make , model or year this car is but it if goes when required, then all is good. I think, though , we can all agree that it is well Used.
Jolanda from Dordrecht in western Netherlands sent this card along.  She used 2 stamps of the same design from a 2010 set of 3 Business Stamps.

Next up is a ship . It is the M.S. Cinderella of the Viking Line. It sails between Stockholm and Helsinki, at least when the postcard was printed. The ship carries 2500 passengers, 480 autos and has 2810 passenger berths.

Sirpa used the 2006 Finland flag stamp.

The next mode of transport is a train. This card shows a diesel-electric locomotive of the Hungarian State Railways operating between Kisterenye and Kal-Kapolna in 2007.

This card is the result of a private swap with Aimo from Budapest, who used a fine bunch of stamps. The lower left stamp is from 2003 and highlights Motor Police. The Butterfly stamp was issued in 2011 and is 1 of 4 in the set. The Chair stamps are definitives and were issued in 2000 and 2001. The large stamp on the right was issued in 2012 to celebrate Stamp day. It is 1 of 3 in the set.
My next treat is a wonderful card from Bruce in South Africa. It is an Air Rhodesia Boeing 720. Air Rhodesia was the national airline of Rhodesia. It was founded September 1, 1967 and operated Vickers Viscount and Boeing 720 aircraft. Following the renaming of the country , it became known as Air Zimbabwe Rhodesia in 1979 and finally Air Rhodesia in 1980.
  Bruce put a 1978 Rhodesia stamp on this one. It is from a set of 6 issued for the 75th anniversary of powered flight. The stamp shows a Air Rhodesia Boeing 720 just like the card. Actually it was the last stamp issued by Rhodesia before the country name was changed to Zimbabwe. And, for you purists out there, no this card did  not arrive via the mail stream, it arrived in a cover envelope. It is a great card though, with a great story and a great stamp. A wonderful addition to my Airline/Aviation collection.

A trolleybus/electric bus is featured on this next card. It comes from Arnhem, a city in the eastern part of the Netherlands.  The trolleybus is only operated in one city in the Netherlands and you guessed it, Arnhem.

Leni used a 2011 stamp commemorating the Environment. It is 1 of 2 in the set. 

Here is one more mode of transport-- a helicopter. It's the Mi-26T. The Mi-26 was a Soviet/Russian heavy transport helicopter - the largest and most powerful helicopter ever to have gone into production. The card is from Anna in Belarus and the Mi-26was operated by the Belarusian Air Force.

Anna used 1 of 3 stamps in a 2013 Textile issue. 

My first card today was a car and my last card is another car. Again I don't know the make, model or year, but it looks like it could be from the 1950s. 

This card is from the Netherlands and the stamp used is the same Environment stamp as was on the trolleybus card earlier.  

That's my update on the various kinds of transport. Thanks yo Jolanda, Sirpa, Aimo, Anna, Leni, and Bruce. 
I think my next update will be people themed. Be sure and Tune in.

Some late breaking news. A single postcard arrived in my mailbox today. But........ it is card # 3000. I'll have all the details next time.

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