Friday, March 8, 2013

More March Madness

Hello and welcome to my new update.I have a few postcards, a few stamps and a bit of other stuff for this time. The postcards are first. Let's start with a card from Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, a virtual paradise I'm sure.The card shows a view of the beautiful beach at Grace Bay.   

I don't usually show the back of cards, just the stamps, but in this case, I'm showing all of it. The card came from Zach, Xander and Will, three of my fine grandsons. Fine boys they are , too. They are recently back from their second visit ( first for Will ) to Turks and Caicos with their Mom and Dad. The boys used a 2007 shell definitive from a definitive set of 13 values.  I showed the whole back of the card just in case their Dad showed this to them. They might want to see just what they wrote. 

Next is a beautiful winter view of a part of the Baltic Sea, with a snow covered boat on shore.

Aukse, a Postcrosser,  in Vilnius sent this card and used 1 of 2 Christmas stamps in a 2012 issue.

Pierre, a new reader of this blog sent this next card. He collects Military Aviation Postcards. He is from Blyes, a commune in eastern France. His collection interest is obvious from this card.

Pierre used 2 bird topical stamps from 2012. They are part of a set of 4 issued for Bird Protection.

Now it's a card from Bulgaria. I haven't received many cards from this country, just 3 in 7 years , make that 4 now with this one. The card is of ETAR, the architectural-ethnographic complex at Gabrovo.It is a unique collection of old time water driven machinery in Bulgaria.   

The 2 smaller stamps on the left were both  issued in 1999. The 2 larger stamps are from a m/sheet of 4 issued in 2012 celebrating the History of Railways.

This past week I've received a number of cards from Russia. With that in mind , I am only looking at one of those cards but will show all the stamps. This card comes from Yekaterinburg, the 4th largest city in Russia. The card is from Kate and is entitled "Evolution of a Postman ".I can see the postman but I just don't follow the evolution part.  

The stamps are a wonderful collection of stamps from 2008 - 2012. Among them is an animal definitive, a Cossack stamp , a Sochi Olympics stamp, a stamp celebrating 300 years of the Moscow Post Office and a Modern Art stamp picturing a lady and a child. Back in the old Soviet Union era, the stamps from Russia didn't appeal to me at all, too much propaganda I guess. Now I find that I like them, they are nice and large with many topics covered.

Here's my last regular card for this time. It comes from Burlington, Vermont, USA and is a picture of a New York burlesques actress from around 1890. All I can say is , that's quite the outfit or costume she has .

This card arrived with my first copy of  the first global forever stamp issued Jan 28, 2013 by the U.S. Postal Service. The new nondenominated stamp fulfills the new 1 ounce international letter rate for mail to any country in the world. I think Postcrossers all over will see a lot of these arriving on postcards. The stamp is round shape and depicts a digital illustration of the globe.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              That's the update for this time. Thanks for cards going out to Zach, Xander and Will, along with Aukse, Pierre, Kate and a couple that I can't make out the names.

My bonus card today shows a Guyana Airways Tupolev 154 aircraft.  Todays's selection of aviation stamps
are from the bygone era of biplanes.  The top 2 stamps are from French Morocco and were issued in 1931. They show a Breguet 14T Biplane. The Romania stamp was issued in 1930 and pictures a Bleriot Biplane.
Just beautiful stamps and ones I am happy to have in my collection.

Take care  and check back often for a new update.  Any Comments ? 

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