Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last of the February Updates

Today is the last day of February and this will be the last update for February. My cards today are a varied lot, chocolates, penguins, ladies, a mailbox, planes and a Sri Lanka Spurfowl. They come from Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Japan, B.A.T., Ireland and Sri Lanka. That's a lot of cards, seven, I don't usually do that many in a single update, mostly because I'm a little afraid that readers like yourself may lose interest after 4 or 5 cards. I'll try 7 and see how it goes, maybe I'll be the one to lose interest. Then, on top of those cards , I'm starting a new feature that I'll put at the end of this update. More about that later.

Card # 1-- Something to make your mouths water , a nice display of delicious Belgian chocolates.   Lara, a young Postcrosser from Belgium sent this fine selection along. 

Lara used a 2011 stamp from a foil booklet of 5 called Highlights of Belgium.

Card #2-- A nose view of a Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 is next. What to say about a 747- big, impressive , great to fly in, and safe . When I'm at an airport, and a B747 drives by, I always stop and take a look.

Vladimir, who hails from Croatia sent this card. This is Vladimir's 2nd entry to this blog. He used 2 recent 2012 stamps. The left stamp celebrates 400 years of the Greek Catholic Church. The right stamp is the most recent Christmas/New Year stamp from Croatia. Just noticed , there's a third stamp on this one. Lower left, is a 1991 airmail or airpost stamp, issued for the Zagreb-Spilt air route.

 Card # 3 -- This card of a young lady and her dog comes from Germany.

Jessica used a 2012 Welfare semi-postal stamp on this one. It is 1 of 3 in a set of Gemstones.

Card # 4 -- This next lady is from Japan. Mari from Tokyo wrote that it was quite cold the day she prepared this card. I guess it would be if one is sitting around like the lady on the card. Now, I have no idea what is written on the left side of the card, all I hope is that it isn't offensive to anyone. 

Mari used 2 flower stamp on her card.

Card # 5 -- Another postbox for my collection. This one is from Ireland, courtesy  of David. The card describes it as an Irish lamp letter box, still found on country roads- a silent servant and symbol of the state. 

David used a new 2013 stamp celebrating The Gathering Ireland 2013. The Gathering is a series of events and festivals to celebrate Irish culture, history, and genealogy.

Card # 6--The card says Falkland Islands but it not actually from The Falklands, though it passed through The Falklands twice. It is postmarked Signy, British Antarctic Territory. Signy Island is a small subantarctic island in the South Orkney Islands of Antarctica. Signy Research Base is run by the British Antarctic Survey. This is another of the cards that I handed in at the Stanley , Falkland Islands post office way back on March 15th, 2012.  I found it is my mailbox on Feb 25th , 2013 , that's 347 days after posting it. It was postmarked in Signy on Jan 20th, 2013. When I handed in this card in Stanley, it was 1 of 4 that I prepared for 4 research bases in Antarctica, the other 3 were Rothera, Halley and Port Lockroy.  3 of the 4 have now returned to me, the only outstanding one is Halley, but I still have hope.  

The stamp on this one is from a 2011 set of 6 Research Ships. On this one we can see the RSS Shackleton.

Last card ( in a way ) -- A card showing one of A. Felix J. Perera's photographs. This one shows a Sri Lanka Spurfowl, although I compared it to other spurfowl online and it just didn't look quite like a Sri Lanka Spurfowl. But I guess Perera and the card producers know more that I do.    So here it is .

Dr. Mikram used 3 great stamps on this card. They are 3 of 10 in a 2011 World Tourism Day set.

Now as I mentioned at the beginning, I am starting a new feature today. From today, at the end of every update I am going to show an aviation related postcard ( airline or aircraft ) and a single or set of aviation stamps. There won't be a lot of comment about them, I just want to show them and have you comment about them. I know there are others out there that collect this theme, so I hope to hear from you. I won't soon run out of this material, as I have been collecting both the stamps and cards for years.
So here's the first entry on this theme : A Pacific Western Boeing 737 and a 1999 set of 4 stamps from Cuba celebrating Cubana's 70th anniversary. The aircraft on the stamps include a Fokker, a DC-10, a A-320 and a DC-3.Enjoy.   

Thanks for reading, hope it wasn't too long . Thanks for cards to Lara, Vladimir, Jessica, Mari, David, and Dr. Mikram.
See you all again in March.


Maggie said...

The Japanese card is an ad for an onsen (public bath) and says "Hot water for beautiful women" and the name of the onsen.

Gem from Calgary said...

Thanks Maggie, appreciate your help.