Monday, December 31, 2012

The Last of 2012 - Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year to you All. Yes 2012 is all but over, so I want to take this opportunity to wish you all A Very Happy 2013. I have a number of cards for today.  To get them all in I will just show the card and most of the stamps . No commentary today. So let's go.

Netherlands :

And the stamp


China :

The stamps.



And the stamps:

Next is a before and After picture from Poland :

The stamps:


Another one from Poland :

Stamps ::


Berlin, Germany :

Here's the stamps.


Another Netherlands card:


Estonia is next :

Stamps :------------------------------


Taiwan is next :

And the stamp.


I think that's enough for this time. Thanks to all who sent these cards. Good Luck in the coming year.
Take care,  but before I go, a couple of housekeeping duties : 

1- Congratulations to Postcrossing. Postcrossing was started on July 14th, 2005. Today, Dec 31, 2012, the 15,000,000 card was received through this project. It was just this past January  that Postcard # 10,000.000 was received. That is quite the increase in less than a year. Hats off to Postcrossing. Join at , it's Free.

2- If you haven't already done so, please check out my request in the Dec 8th, 2012 update . If you can help, that would be great.

3- I'm looking forward to the new stamps from Canada Post in early Jan, 2013. The Year of the Snake stamps are Outstanding. Perhaps you'll be lucky and receive a card from me with the Snake stamp. I'm even going to enjoy sending them , I can't imagine receiving one. The souvenir sheet of 1 international stamp is Mind Blowing. Here is a picture of it , just to tease you.
Remember , I'm open to offers

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