Monday, September 26, 2011

Manhole Covers, The Dodo, Stone Posts and More

Time for another postcard update. Today's cards are some of those that awaited me on my return from Newfoundland last week. They are from Germany, Mauritius, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Canada and 2 from The U.S.A. Here we go.

First up is Germany. This photo by Ralf Oldenburg shows a Berlin manhole cover. When you look at it, it could actually be called a piece of art. Many towns and cities showcase themselves on their manhole covers. The internet has many examples of manhole covers from all around the world. Last evening I was out for a walk around my neighbourhood of Airdrie, and after receiving this card, I looked down and actually saw the Airdrie manhole covers. The Postcrosser that sent me this card writes that Berlin has over 30 different manhole covers in use. I think I have found a new collecting theme- manhole covers. This is my first , but now I want more, many more.
Now for the stamps. On the left is a flower definitive and on the right is a 2011 stamp showing a Caspar David Friedrich painting.

My next card is from Mauritius, an island nation in the southwest Indian Ocean. Bruce from South Africa posted this card of the elusive Dodo. He was recently there for a short visit. The dodo was a flightless bird endemic to the island of Mauritius. It has been extinct since the mid-to-late 17th century. We often use a couple of phrases related to the dodo. The phrase "dead as a dodo" means undoubtedly and unquestionably dead, whilst the phrase "to go the way of the dodo" means to become extinct or obsolete, to fall out of common usage or practice, or to become a thing of the past. Bruce used a nice new 2011 stamp , 1 of 4 in a World Heritage issue.

Card # 3 comes from Saint Pierre and Miquelon, 2 small French Islands off the south coast of the island of Newfoundland, which is off the east coast of Canada. The islands' status is that of an overseas collectivity within France. It is France's oldest remaining overseas territory. The card gives us a look at Pointe Aux Canons. The Pointe aux Canons Battery is located just before the jetty to the lighthouse on the site of a much older fort that defended the Saint-Pierre & Miquelon islands during the British raids of 1690-1713.My brother Mel and his wife Ollie recently visited the island and sent this card to me. On it are 2 French definitives overprinted SPM and 2 stamps issued in 2010 , one issued for fishing and the other a bird issue. I've often said in the past that St. Pierre stamps make a good collection and I rate them top of the line , along with French Polynesia for beauty.

Here now are 2 cards from the U.S. The first one is from Wichita , Kansas. It is entitled Post Rock. Fence posts made from rock. The card speaks of the resourcefulness of Kansans , using stone fence posts where trees are scarce. Melissa used 3 stamps, including the clock definitive, the Lunar New Year Forever stamp and a Love themed forever stamp.

Here's the second U.S. card. It advertised the Miami International Film Festival of last year March 5-14, 2010. It's kind of timely getting this card at this time. The Calgary International Film Festival is currently happening, just 15 km to the south of Airdrie. Jeanine used 2 Forever stamps, another of the Love stamps and a ship stamp from a 2011 set of 4.

Finally, the last card for this time. It shows a lady in a room at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. A nice looking card, just something about it. The card says The Drake Hotel, A Hot Bed For Culture. The Drake is a cultural destination for travelers of the mind, an architectural gem set amongst Toronto's vibrant Galleries, Lounges and Boutiques on Toronto's Eclectic Queen St. West. Travel & Leisure Magazine , in Jan 2006 , called The Drake "One of the 500 Best Hotels in the World " Thanks to Pam, a concierge at The Drake for this card. She used the Royal Wedding Day stamp from earlier this year.
That's about it for this time. In summing up, I mentioned about that I have now started a collection of postcards showing manholes. I really don't know if there are many of them out there, but if you have one, feel free to send it along. I also have just started collecting cards of Post Offices. I have 4 of these so far. Same goes for these, if you have one, feel free. Swaps for manholes and post offices are certainly possible.

Thanks for cards go to Bruce, Mel & Ollie, Melissa, Jeanine and Pam.
Take care. Comments ?

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