Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mixed Bag of Cards- Macedonia, Turkey, Ireland and Germany

Hello again. As you can see from the title of this update, today's card are from all over. They really have nothing in common, no theme, no relationship - other than they all landed in my mailbox this past week. In addition to these four, I did receive one more which I will add to the blog tomorrow. Just 5 cards in a week, things have certainly slowed down.

My first card for today was sent by Ana from Macedonia. It's a card showing Macedonian cuisine and it's making me hungry. It looks like a fine scoff , as we say back home. The trout are especially appealing. I love fish but only have trout about once a year. Ana says on the card that a great meal like this would be a great way to celebrate the recent birth of my new granddaughter. And , I wholeheartedly agree. Ana, if I even make it over to Macedonia, I'll be expecting some of those trout. There are two great stamps on this card, however I could only find info about one of them. The dog stamp was issued in 1999 and shows a Sharplaninec. This is a breed of legendary guarding dogs, indigenous to Macedonia and Southern Serbia. Sharplaninec is a Macedonian word meaning Shara Mountain Dog. And, fine looking dogs they are, indeed. The other stamp , issued in 2006 , is unknown to me.

Card # 2 is from Turkey. It is a card showing a scene very much like a scene from here in Canada.I truly never pictured Turkey looking like this. I guess I should get out more. A Postcrosser living in Tuzla sent this card. Tuzla is a small town, a suburb of Istanbul, on the Asian side of the city. Tuzla is famous for its sea front, its many fish restaurants and its many narrow streets. The stamp on this card was issued this year, 2010, and is 1 of a wonderful set of 16 , highlighting Istanbul and its many sights. It's just a great set of stamps and one that would look great in my collection. How to go about getting it , I wonder.

My next card is from David in Ireland. It is a beach scene in Donegal. Donegal is the most northerly county in Ireland, extending along much of the northwest coast. The cancellation on this card has an interesting part- One million people. Two weeks. One euro. - Check it out and do your part.
David used 2 large new stamps from a set of 6 featuring fashion designers. Another nice set that would look good in Glenn's collection.

The final card for this time comes from Germany, Hamburg in fact. Ingo sent the card and says that Hamburg is Germany's 2nd largest city and Europe's 2nd largest port. I guess it's only right that the card show a ship, the Queen Mary 2. Also prominently on the card is the Landungsbrucken Clock Tower. The tower was erected in 1910 and indicates both the time and the current water level of the Elbe river. Ingo used 2 maritime themed stamps to get this card across the Atlantic. The larger stamp on the right is one of 2 designed by Udo Lindenburg . The other stamp shows a poster from 1890 by the Ballin Steam Shipping Company. To be honest though and as a result of my lack of German, I really don't know what this stamp is about.But, just the same, I do like the look of the stamp.

That's about it for this time. Leave a comment if you feel inclined . Take care.
I almost forgot, thanks to Ana and David for their cards. They are regulars. Thanks to the Postcrossers for the other two.

One more thing. Tune in tomorrow for that one card update that I mentioned earlier.


Ana said...

it's a deal! red trout, esp. in Ohrid...prepared in a traditional way in an oven...incredibly yummie! :)

that other stamp shows Nikola was issued for the 150th anniversary of his birth.

As for the dog...they are more than lovely...since they are huge, they can look scary and can be so with strangers...but in fact they love people and just love to cuddle and aunt who lives next to me has one...he is amazing...if just my cats didnt annoy him so much :)

Leslie said...

Wow, I hope I get invited to this Macedonian dinner party! :) Very beautiful card from Ana, as always!

And I can certainly send you that set of Istanbul stamps in February once I'm home, Glenn, if you still don't have it at that point!

Ana said...

Leslie dear, you are MORE than welcome! After the trout, i'll take you to some delicious baklava, my favourite in town :)

Gem from Calgary said...

Sounds like the beginning of a Postcrossing meet in Skopje to me.

Ana said...

well, im waiting :D