Saturday, March 21, 2009

Last Update for the Week

I have just 3 postcards left from the week. They are from Denmark, The USA and Austria. All were sent by Postcrossers. First let's look at the card from Denmark. It shows an interior view of Voergaard Castle. Voergaard , located in Eastern Vendsyssel, surrounded by Denmark's broadest moat, is one of the finest and most well-kept renaissance castles in Denmark. The castle has an extensive and unique collection of European art, including works by Goya, Rubens, Raphael and El Greco. It also holds personal belongings of Napolean I , Lousi XIV and Marie Antoinette. Sent by Nate, the card has 3 stamps, 2 of which are long running definitives and the 3rd stamp , on the right, was issued 2007 honoring Victior Borge (1909-2000).It was 1 of 4 honoring Great Danes. Borge was a Danish comedian, entertainer and pianist. He was affectionately know as the Clown Prince of Denmark and the Great Dane. I saw Borge perform many times on television and was never disappointed in his performance.

Now for the card from the U.S. It was sent by Rick and shows the State Capitol and surrounding buildings in Olympia , Washington. Rick used 3 different stamps, including an older 10 cent Skylab stamp. Also used was the 2009 Lunar New Year stamp and from 2008, a stamp celebrating Vintage Black Cinema.

And finally the last card is from Linz, Austria. Linz is the 3rd largest city in Austria with a population of 240,000. It is located in north Central Austria. Chris used 2 definitive stamps from 2007, featuring flowers.

Thanks again to nate, Rick and Chris.
That's all for the day and the week. As always , your comments are welcome and appreciated. Let's hear from you and you and also you .

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