Wednesday, November 28, 2007

10 new Postcards - 2 New Countries

Today was a good day, postcard wise. I received 10 postcards , including 2 from 2 new countries, numbers 160 and 161. A card from Panama , country 160 , shows a cruise ship departing Pedro Miguel Locks and heading for Miraflores Locks. The card was sent by Winston Rice , otherwise known as Panama Jack. Unfortunately , it was sent without a stamp, the sender opting for a postage meter instead. However, it was still sent from Panama , so it has a place in my collection.

Another card was from Belgrade, Serbia, country 161. The card says that the oldest known settlement in the Belgrade area dates back to 5000 B.C. Later on, this region was inhabited by Illyrians, Celts and Romans.Slavs arrived there in the 7th century.Belgrade was first mentioned under its Slavic name of Beli grad( White City) in written records of the 9th century. The stamp used on this card was a 46 value stamp issued 2007, picturing an eagle in flight. It was a joint issue with Austria. Thanks to Ana Popovic for this card.

The other cards were from Portugal , U.S.A. and The Netherlands, all received thru Postcrossing. There was also a card fro Malaysia , sent by S.L. Liew and 2 cards from Libya. These 2 were stamped but not postmarked, having been sent from Libya to the Canadian Embassey in Canada and then forwarded to me, in an envelope. The sender advised on one of the cards that he had sent a 3rd card direct to me thru the mail so that I would get a cancelled stamped postcard. I will be looking for this one in the days ahead.

I hope to have my scanner up and running sometime this weekend, so you will be able to seen a few of my postcards , not just read about them.

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Kiron Manuel said...

Hi Gem,
Thanks for your marvellous blog.I have new cards of Angola, Bharat, Brunei, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal,Singapore, and Taiwan.Please reply me if you are interested.Cheers
Kiron Manuel